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Lemons 65.7 QB rating not enough to get by the Colts 20 th ranked defense

Lemon is a good backup, nothing more. We don't have a starting caliber QB on our roster. We need to draft one.
Based on what? Today's performance. Tell me, how many passes over 10 yds did he complete? Exactly. He can't throw the long ball with accuracy either.
If this game mattered do you think the int. at the end of the 1st half would have ticked you off.
I'm not supporting JH, but Lemon's performance today against the 20th ranked defense was nothing to beat on your chest about. He was mediocre and he made a few nice plays with his feet.

10 / 18 of his completions were for over 10 yards.
During the five seasons between 2001 and 2005, the 27 teams (of the 159 total) that had QB ratings between 62.5 and 72.5 (Lemon's range) on the season averaged 5.5 total wins.

I think Lemon makes Harrington expendable, but we probably wouldn't be going anywhere big with Lemon starting IMO.
My thoughts are lemonade still sucks Joey is Better and if it wasnt for a wide open Randy in the middle he wouldnt have the td he also had great field position most of the day too

Against the poor Colts defense or not that was the most life our offense has shown in 2 weeks. I think the biggest difference between Lemon and Harrington is that Lemon is not afraid to make a play. Harrington plays scared, lemon does not.
Lemon showed alot of poise, and he's got a hell of an arm but his accuracy is pretty bad. Chambers was wide open on that flea flicker and Cleo overthrew him by like 10 yards :lol: Not to mention recievers getting hurt left and right overextending to catch his throws. It's easy to see why the guy barely maintained a 50% completion in college. I like his mobility and confidence but I dont think the guy will ever be anything more than a backup in this league.

I have to say Chambers and McMike showed alot more fire in this game, not sure if that was because of Cleo or because they realize their jobs might be on the line.
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