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Merged: jason taylor likely to be trade to san deigo for a first round pick


Mar 12, 2002
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soflo and ct pretty evenly split
JT to chargers??? reports joe rose

joe rose is mentioning this now on his show...chargers have what the 18th and 28th pick...supposedly deal is done.

or could this be april fools ;)
I'll bet 100 bucks he says "April fools" before the end of the show.....
hahaha, I was so worried about this on the way to work today, I didnt even think about aprils fools...

I kept thinking "but what about the salary cap", theres no way saban would do this, wtf, hahaha... that was a good one, except you know how many people listen to his show early and are at work when hes done at 10 am??

April fools jokes dont work as good when youre not there to find out its a joke, haha

whew, ok, back to work,
This has to be an April Fools joke...a bad one at that.
Deal is almost done? Must be April fools. Not very funny though.
What if it was true? I want the picks and he really doesn't fit into this D 3-4!
saban wants. :eek:
790's Joe Rose reports that...

Supposedly, the Chargers have offered their 1st round pick plus their 4th round pick in exchange for Jason Taylor. I don't know if that's really going down or not but Joe Rose announced it as breaking news. Obviously it hasn't happened yet but that's what I heard about 15 minutes ago. I reeeaally hope this isn't happening. Jason should definately without a doubt be a Dolphin for years to come. Any 1 else heard anything about this??
aw.. man. I just posted the same thing and never even thought about it. It is april fool's day...Most likely he was screwing with us all...
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