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MERGED: Ricky's run already ended

Ridiculous....he's saying how Ricky's stats were terrible in 2003. I'd like to see ANY back have good stats with the line we had.
Pagan said:
Ridiculous....he's saying how Ricky's stats were terrible in 2003. I'd like to see ANY back have good stats with the line we had.

  • He refers to that argument by saying Miami has not upgraded their o-line from that time... I assume he is using 2004 as the measuring stick.
i really just don't like the way the article was presented, fact of the matter is the first year ricky was here the other teams didn't know what to expect alot of the time but after one season and our ****ty coach not changing his gameplan at all, all other teams had to do was stack 8 in the box and then dare us to pass. That's the reason he ran awful in 2003, and as far as our running backs averaging more than ricky last year you have to look at the fact that no coach is gonna gameplan for travis minor if he runs for fifty yards oh well who cares
He never mentions Hudson Houk when it comes to the o-line and didn't say that ricky is still in great shape. He only says he is " on a lindsay Lohan diet". For all we know he could have gained a lot of weight and he could have lied about 190
  • The guy rips him no doubt... you can make numbers talk any way you want.... and he does.
  • It's just a read on a slow day.
I dont want ricky back but if Saban wants him back then i have to deal with it i guess.
I think the biggest reason for stat drops were that our couches were horrible in not changing game plans and being predictible. They knew all the plays we ran, and guy that was running them. Belichek was probably laughing his azz off playing against us.
He says this about Ricky coming back

"To which I say: Who cares?"

Well this guy just took time out of his life to look up things about the Dolphins and Ricky he knows nothing about. Mentions Cook who probaly won't play and fails to mention Houck. Another Ricky detractor who is probaly and AFC fan and doesn't want to see a guy who gained 3000 yards in 2 years.
Ricky's run already ended

I looked and didn't see this posted, if it has...sorry

Williams is not going to save the Miami Dolphins. In fact, Williams isn't going to help Miami win a single game that the Dolphins wouldn't win otherwise. If Miami fans think they will be watching Ricky the super-stud running back this season, I've got some bad news: That guy doesn't exist anymore.

In fact, that guy existed for only one season, 2002. And his 383 carries that year burnt him out for good."
Very good article. Although I think that some points are a little too critical, it serves for some good food for thought.
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