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Merged2X: Whoa.. We signed BERLIN?/Yes!


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May 20, 2002
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Whoa.. We signed BERLIN?

Joe Rose just mentioned that on channel 6.. Didnt see it posted here.
Phins sign Brock Berlin!

According to Joe Rose, he just said we signed Berlin tonight.
Ughhh... Instead of Guidugli?
Dolphins sign Brock Berlin as undrafted Free agent

Just reported it on NBC 6 Joe Rose said we had signed Brock Berlin
Definately took me by surprise.. I dont really mind it though.. Berlin is a nice guy, he showed up in big games (mostly toward the end, FLORIDA , but really stunk in others.. Well, I guess Berlin is that developmental guy.. You think he can make the team guys? :lol: )
Uh oh, here come the "THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END" posters. ;)
WTF Saban why would you want to develop this guy instead of Guidugli...
Damn Skape you're fast. I watched the end of the report before running in her eand you already had the post up! :lol:
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