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miami dolphins chances this year

better than the jets,bills,raiders,broncos,chargers,chiefs,clevland,cincy,huston,jags,colts,titans, baltimore,pitsburgh,........and uh oh yea NEWENGLAND!!!!
my guess is 9-7 and either sneak in the playoffs or just miss them
dolfan2010 said:
how good will the Miami Dolphins be this yr?

Getting St Nick to replace Dumbstache is worth 3 wins, Rickie and Ronnie should net two wins at least. I have to say 9-7 with some close losses that will just keep us from the playoffs...:D
I'll say 10-6 and the final wild card spot, there is no one on the schedule outside of the Pats, Chiefs and Broncos that scare me.
This post has come up about 10 times in 3 weeks, we must be really bored.
between 6-8 wins, I think the team will be better but the AFC is loaded and if the Phins don't finish in last in the East i'll be happy.
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