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Mini-Camp open to public June 10-12

Its actually quite fun. You meet a lot of people and get the scoop on news and get to see some of the guys play. If you have kids, some of the players come by after practice and sign stuff. They tend to stay away from adults as they are afraid they are just going to sell it. But i went 3 times last year with my 1 1/2 year old and had a great time.
It probably won't be like training camp as far as action, but it's still great to get out there and see the guys nonetheless. Great atmosphere.

However, this is Saban's ship now. And things are said to be much faster paced. So that in itself (seeing how Saban and his coaches do things) is worth the price of admission (which is FREE!!). :)
wish i could go dammit... but im sure 91238743298 people from here will go and let us know whats up
Are you allowed to have cameras? I'm not talking disposable cameras, I'd like to get some cool shots of Feeley throwing the ball or something. I just bought a new zoom lens and this would be perfect to try it out on.
I got Ogunleye's signature on a stylized Dolphins football the last time I went with some friends. This was right after he had his 9.5 sack year, not his 15.5 sack year...

Don't think I'll be able to make it, but I look forward to seeing the dozens of training camp reports from people who will go!

I hope FH keeps good track of them all like it did last season.
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