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**OFFICIAL NFL Draft Thread**

Official 2005 Draft Discussion

Talk about the draft! and what you think miami should do as it is happening live
I'm hearinf that the Fins are talking to the 49ers about moving up?! WTF is that all about. I hope it's just what I think it is...BS!

Saban has said he didn't like going into his first draft without many picks. And now he's going to mortgage the future on Alex Smith. If that's his first move with the Fins, I'll die.
Where did you hear that??

Mike Nolan on NFL Network just pretty much said that they are not actively in trade talks right now, and are prepared to make the pick. NOW, if someone makes them an offer, they would listen, but right now nothing..

Also, is Nick in New York? I was shocked to see Nolan not there- he is in California.
TRADE DOWN!! Stockpile picks, build young team!
I hope we dont get stuck with our second pick. Cmon Vikes and Skins -trade,trade,trade
FinsFanatic said:
espn just said niners pick in abouy 90 minutes? WTF???

cant wait that long

Thats because this is a repeated Sportscenter, that first aired at 10:30 EST.
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