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Phinsfan1980 said:
WTF they guess like crap. St Clair over McDougle at RT. And Boston over Booker?:goof:

I was really suprized that boston was over booker. They dont have Kevin Carter playing anywhere either
man thats a nice run!!

The Kay-Jay Harris run?

west virginia man does k jay do that often?

Not often. He prefers to just run you over. But that time, they got behind him and they wouldnt let go of he just took em' to the
booker over boston
mcdougal over st. clair
vernon at LT
kevin carter over vonnie

other than that its alright. i like wes welker at backup kicker.:rofl3:
WestVirginiaFan said:
Kay-Jay over Minor, maybe even Gordon

Marty booker over Boston

haha. kayjay may be good but i dont think they will start a UFA over two experienced vets.:rofl3: what was the flag in your second movie?:patriot:
Booker over Boston. Boston's not healthy. Y. Bell and Travis Daniels are starting in the secondary.
WOW, this guy should wake up and apologize for even typing that! Kevin Carter not starting over Holliday....Boston over Booker....
Not having Kevin Carter crack the starting lineup is ridiculous. Then, they rather have a guy who hasn't played in over a year to start over Booker. Unbelievable!

Another thing. I am not so sure Junior Seau starts either. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled Seau is back. I just think we need to get the younger guys in more often.
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