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Ping pong replaced

Are you kiddin', I'm the one who approved the post! LOL
Not sure why it does that but sometimes it holds up a post for approval. Probably just for sketchy posters... :wnkr:

By sketchy you mean weirdos right?
man i told myself monday that i gotta start getting smarter in my old years. Went to a cheese factory in the mountains last weekend on vacation, they have a smoked ghost pepper cheese i love. Then i got some jalapeno chedder summer sausage. For the game sunday i had me that combo on alot of crackers. when alarm went off at 345 am i **** up the master bathroom. got dressed, went to leave and when i got to front door said "damnit gotta **** up the other bathroom too" thought about an ice cube enema. I might have a bud come over sunday night for the game, might introduce him to ghost pepper, jalapeno cheddar cheese sausage cracker combo
WTFFFFFFFFF is happening here?
They get the special creamy crackers....

Man this thread must be wilding out, gotta wait on mod approval before my posts go thru, or i pissed someone off and am in some kind of FH purgatory
Or. Just saying OR everyone on this site has learned that your posts in general need review brother. ROFL.

You don’t like ping pong?
He much prefers badminton...
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