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Saben on Tonites ESPN.....

MiaFins1 said:
.....sunday nite conversation after the baseball game.....
Wow, ESPN is finally giving the Dolphins some air time with Camp reports each of the three days. Did Huizenga buy ESPN with out me hearing about it?
If you miss it or don't have ESPN, you can watch it by downloading ESPN 360 from ESPN.COM. Just look under the football section of video feeds. It's the one listed at the top.
It was nothing. They asked him why he came to the NFL and he said perfect situation, great organization,great owner etc.
death7star said:
great owner...wayne is terrible.

Yeah, don't you hate those owners who shell out all that dough to bring in first class coaching and players??? Not to mention while staying out of the way and letting the football people make the decisions? :shakeno:

That was a stupid comment, Wayne H. is one of the best owners in the NFL.
death7star said:
great owner...wayne is terrible.
I have to disagree with you. Without Wayne, we wouldn't have been able to get Saban here and the great assistant coaches. Without Wayne we wouldn't be having a major renovation of the stadium in the near future. Wayne may not be the brightest football person, but he is willing to spend the money to win. I am thankfull he is our owner.
death7star said:
great owner...wayne is terrible.

Actually he is great, He keeps his nose out of it. Unlike Daniel Snyder, who always has to have his nose in it. Wayne lets Saban make the choices, of course if things go hugely wrong (Wanny) then they have to answer to Wayne about it.

For the most part he stays out of the things he doesn't know much about. Thats a good thing.
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