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The way I wish our schedule was constructed

To be honest
I wish the league did a major reconstruction on the league with divisions and AFC and NFC
We should be in a south division with Tampa, Jville, Atlanta and the Panthers
1. Dolphins
2. Buccaneers
3. Jaguars
4. Falcons

1. Panthers
2. Commanders
3. Ravens
4. Eagles

1. Giants
2. Jets
3. Patriots
4. Bills

1. Steelers
2. Browns
3. Bengals
4. Lions

1. Vikings
2. Packers
3. Bears
4. Colts

1. Titans
2. Saints
3. Cowboys
4. Texans

1. Chiefs
2. Broncos
3. Raiders
4. Cardinals

1. Seahawks
2. 49ers
3. Chargers
4. Rams
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If they stay with four teams in a division then I would say the Panthers wouldn't be included. But yes on the other three teams. This is the way I would do the divisions. The Dolphins, Buccaneers, Jaguars, and Falcons in a division. The Bills, Giants, Jets, and Patriots in a division. The Panthers, Commanders, Ravens, and Eagles in a division. The Steelers, Browns, Bengals, and Lions in a division. The Vikings, Colts, Bears, and Packers in a division. The Titans, Saints, Cowboys, and Texans in a division. The Chiefs, Broncos, Cardinals, and Seahawks in a division, The Raiders, Rams, Chargers, and 49ers in a division,
Perfect except I’d swap Seattle and the Raiders
Yeah I would definitely put the Florida and California teams in a division together...cause not only can/will they play for division supremacy, but state supremacy as well.
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