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Top 10 Best Pickups [My Opinion]


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Jun 22, 2004
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Heres my random analysis of Top 10s.

Top 10 Free Agent Pickups

10. Kurt Warner QB - Some may look at this and go WHAT?!? But the truth of the matter is the guy if protected is a top 5 qb in this league. If you look at the weapons arizona has for this wonder if they keep him healthy and protect him who will stop him.
9. Plaxico Burress WR - At nearly 6''6 weighing 220 lbs. and running a high 4.4 40 hes a monster. But for me hes gonna have to prove he can stay healthy a whole season and deal with being the #1 where in pittsburgh it seemed at times he looked like a #3 or #4 on the field.
9. Muhsin Muhammad WR - Some feel this was a bad move cause the guys 32, but i feel hes got a 2-3 more years of productivity in him. He really had an amazing season last year that people still try to look over...Chicagos WR corp is probobly the worst and he'll upgrade it alot. Depending if Grossman stays healthy and if grossman is even a good qb he could have a great year once again.
7. Kevin Carter DL - Playing in Sabans Scheme you kinda wonder how he'll do especially since we havnt seen sabans scheme in the nfl yet. But playing on a line that features Jason Taylor your guarenteed at least 6 sacks and he was getting that with out him. Expect 8-10 sacks and a couple dozen tackles.
6. Pat Williams DT - The Vikings add probobly the best DT on the market and stick him next to a top 5 DT in the league and there Dline is already looking Deadly.
5. Fred Smoot CB - The Vikings added Antoine Winfield last year and now got him which looks like the 2nd best tandem next to baltimores. Smoot should be an immediate impact and this whole vikings defense should be much better, Top 10 Better!
4. Samari Rolle CB - They added a very solid corner in rolle and what he really adds to this team is basically what McCallister has added and thats everytime they step in a game they can basically take a wr out of the game. So now there secondarys looking amazing with the only question being the other safety spot.
3. Derrick Mason WR - They needed wr more than anything and they added a pro bowler in mason and in the the draft clayton. Though you wonder both guys are under 6 foot....but there so quick that the size wont really matter. Teamed with Heap they make a pretty leathal combo and the deciding factor is if Kyle Bollers ready to be an NFL QB.
2. Patrick Surtain CB - As much as many dolphins dont want to admit the chiefs did get a steal in him for only a 2nd round pick. This guy is a pro bowl top 5 cb and he'll prove it this year once again.
1. Randy Moss WR - New Division, New Team, New QB? How does this add success to him...simple What he will do is just based on stats which he'll still add about 90 catches for 1,400 yards and 14 TDs...but He'll allow Joey Porter and Ronald Currey to breakout this year.

Top 10 Draft Pickups

10. Heath Miller TE - After losing plax in offseason they didnt bother to get a guy that could fill his shoes through free agency so this pick actually made sense especially since there was a desperate need at TE. This pick gives Roethlisberger a big play weapon that he should be very comfortable with.
9. Aaron Rodgers QB - If your Green Bay your not really sure how much longer Brett Favre will play so...this pick was a no brainer in my opinion. Rodgers is gonna need at least a year to develop in my opinion, and where he was picked in the draft could prove to be a steal.
8. Mark Clayton WR - IMO the best wide reciever this draft had to offer. People doubted him cause his size 5'10 190 lbs. but the kids a playmaker all day long. He has the best hands for sure and will definitely help a very weak wr depth chart in baltimore.
7. Antrel Rolle CB - IMO next to running back this was there biggest need and I almost actually put JJ Arrington in the top 10 cause i really feel hes gonna blow up this year and might even have the most rushing yards for a rookie. Now back to Rolle, hes actually catching on very quick in arizona and i believe he can only help that team which is finally going in the right direction.
6. Carnell Williams RB - Gruden was ecstatic with the kid the first time he saw him at the combine and the senior bowl. Cadillac will make lots of plays but what im worried about is his recieving game which was never a factor at auburn. Hes a great rb...but as far as catching and blocking go...Hes 3rd or 4th best.
5. Alex Smith QB - San Francisco desperately needed a qb...and its not that this guy will immediately contribute but its down the road where you look at it. This guy is just a smart qb who doesnt make mistakes and should help this team win games.
4. Cedric Benson RB - They needed a power house running back...Think Ricky Williams but with out the weed and with out the greed. This guy isnt afraid to take it on you 40 times a game, infact he enjoys it. He should be a lock for a 1,000 yard season and in my opinion he might have been the safest pick in this draft next to Mark Clayton and Heath Miller.
3. Derrick Johnson LB - Think Ray Lewis....Nuff Said! This guy runs a 4.5 40 and 6''4 240 lbs. Hes a motor that never ever stops and the chiefs actually might of gotten the steal of the draft at #15 overall. I think he'll make more of an impact that Vilma did last year for the jets...expect 110 tackles 6 sacks 4 FF 2 INT.
2. Braylon Edwards WR - With barely any kind of help for the cleveland qbs this pick made almost as much sense as the dolphins taking ronnie brown. It was a definite need, Braylon will probobly be the #1 reciever here with in a couple of weeks. He should also put up good numbers against the week corners of pittsburgh and cincinatti this year, but i do expect him to struggle and maybe look close to invisible next to baltimores secondary.
1. Ronnie Brown RB - No running game exists and with this guy miami now has a running game for sure and he can also block and catch out of the backfield...forget all the ricky talk til ricky comes back ronnies got the floor

Top 10 Best Offseason Teams

10. New England - Didn't really do anything spectacular but belichick has made all the right moves before and in my opinion i dont think hes made anything that could hurt the team only help.
9. Kansas City - Kendrell Bell, Carlos Hall, Sammy Knight, Patrick Surtain, and Derrick Johnson will all be starters on this teams defense this year. The thing thats surprising is there all new additions and this team had a very bad defense last year probobly the worst imo so them added who they have there should be a top 15 defense now. I wasnt really excited about there move to take Dustin Colquitt but taking Surtain by trading a 2nd round pick to miami was a move that will probobly be there best pickup next to them taking Derrick Johnson in the first.
8. San Francisco - I actually really liked what this team did this offseason with the pickups of Jonas Jennings and Marquese Douglas. There Draft was very good imo and i really liked almost everything they did. But the best part is there first 3 picks are gonna probobly best starters right off the bat...Alex Smith, Davis Bass, and Frank Gore. For a team that drafted a qb they really have started to build the team around him with bass for protection and gore for a rb assurance.
7. Cleveland - They did get some good pickups in baxter and dilfer. Dilfer in my opinion is a gem cause hes won like 20 games straight now or some odd stat like that and he really doesnt make mistakes. I loved this teams draft taking braylon edwards, brodney poole, and even Charlie Frye who could be this teams future QB. Great Offseason for the city of Cleveland.
6. Oakland - I wasnt really a fan of there draft though I did like the pick they made to get Andrew Walter in the later rounds who could develop to be there starter in a few years. But they really make this list based on what they did through free agency, they added Randy Moss and Lamont Jordan who should turn this team into a Top 5 offense.
5. Miami - I'm a phin fan but im not being biased here if i was i would of put them #1 everywhere around the board. I loved the pickups of Kevin Carter, Stockar Mcdougle, Tebucky Jones, and David Boston. I also loved how we drafted with Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, Channing Crowder, all be day 1 steals. They also took Travis Daniels who could see lots of time this year with Will Poole hurt. Overall for dolphins fans this has to be the best offseason in a long long time and all should be excited!
4. Dallas - They added 4 starters through free agency and probobly 3 more through the draft. Drew Bledsoe is old and may be a statue but if they can give him protection then he shall do much better than testaverde did. Ferguson and Henry should be starters on the defensive side along with Ware and Spears as they move to a 3-4 Defense. They also added guard Marco Riveria who will be a starter and improve a dreaded oline. Dallas could be a surprise team and with philly looking like there in shambles all of a sudden they could surprise and with the NFC EAST.
3. Baltimore - The additions of Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle give them two quality starters that should play really well. There draft was really solid as well and really what they've done they could make a run at a superbowl this year if Kyle Boller progresses enough.
2. Arizona - With the pickups of Warner, Okeafor, and Griffith i believe they've found 3 starters. I really liked what this team did in the draft as well. I believe they got a starter and a nickel corner in Antrel Rolle and Eric Green. They also got a starting running back in JJ Arrington who is very under rated and had one of the best college seasons ever. This team should be around 10-6 or 11-5 this year and i believe they will take advantage of a weak division.
1. Minnesota - The Best offseason with out a doubt! They got new starters in Napoleon Harris, Sam Cowart, Pat Williams, Darren Sharper and Fred Smoot. Thats 5 new defensive starters and i didnt even get to the draft yet. They also picked up brad johnson who will be a solid back up to culpepper. Now they did lose moss which created a huge hole and really cant be filled at all...but they did have a very solid draft that started off with Troy Williamson who is a burner that can make plays and should be starting opposite burleson this year. Erasmus James really might be the last piece to an already stacked defense. Marcus Johnson in the second round was a great pick that will help out on the oline with depth and could see some time since he can play 4/5 positions on the oline. But there running game might be in shambles cause of Onterrio Smith?...actually they picked up Ciatrick Fason in the 4th who will go along very nicely with moe williams and michael bennett. This should be a team that is feared and they have a good chance of winning the superbowl.

Top 10 Worst Offseason Teams

10. Pittsburgh - They lost Plax and Bell in the offseason and didnt really do too much to upgrade them. They had an above average draft with the picks i like the best being Heath Miller and Fred Gibson. They should still be a solid team this year just there offseason wasnt nothing you can be excited about.
9. St Louis - They added two linebackers through free agency in Dexter Coakley and Chris Claiborne. Both of those should be starters but I just wasnt really happy with how there draft went. They did take some good players in Barron, Incognito, and Bartell. But they still didnt adress the DL like they should of. It was a good offseason but again nothing to get excited about.
8. Philadelphia - They have 2 players that are very important to this team who still didnt sign there tenders Westbrook and Corey Simon. They now have rookies in there place, and I do believe they did come away with a top 10 draft but with Terrell Owens being TO and Donavan Mcnabb going on the madden cover this team could be heading for disaster.
7. Houston - There main objective this offseason was to upgrade there defense for Dom Capers. They overpaid for Morlon Greenwood in my opinion but it does add speed to there defense. I did however like the move to get Philip Buchanon and Travis Johnson. But my favorite pick they made was getting Jerome Mathis in the 4th who could actually be starting along side Andre Johnson this year. But the reason there on this list is cause they still didnt upgrade there OL...and thats why David Carr is struggling cause hes gets sacked so much.
6. Tampa Bay - In Free Agency they didnt really add anyone that is gonna start and through the draft the only pick i really liked them taking was Carnell Williams.
5. Washington - They did come through with a pretty good draft but trading a 2006 first round pick to the broncos for the 25th overall pick in the draft really doesnt make sense at all to me. The Redskins are gonna be the in the top 5 for worst teams this year and that gives the broncos a top 5 doesnt add up mr. gibbs.
4. Buffalo - They lost Drew Bledsoe which many will say wasnt really a loss but imo for this club it was. There still not sure at all if losman is the qb and if he struggles who are they gonna fall back on. There draft was pretty awful to considering probobly there best pick was roscoe parrish who in this draft theres probobly 10 recievers better than him. Also there second best pick in the draft was Kevin Everett and he will miss all of the 2005 season with an injury. And not to mention this club lost starting DT and the Anchor for the run defense Pat Williams. I believe with the loss of williams there gonna have trouble stopping the run this year and Takeo Spikes true colors will be revealed.
3. Denver - IMO they had the worst draft of any team in the nfl right now and there offseason was horrible. They have the cleveland browns defensive line right now which is a scary thing...not for opposing teams but for them selves. Also to think there highlight of the draft was them taking Maurice Clarett in the 3rd which was about 26 rounds to high. This team could be in a world of hurt, especially since Jake Plummer isnt really the answer for this teams qb problems. The only thing that can be good from all this was that there probobly gonna have 2 top 10 draft picks next year considering they will get one from the skins and one from them sucking.
2. Green Bay - They lost basically there whole OL which was the anchor to keeping Brett Favre healthy for so long and helping ahman green run the ball. I believe there gonna struggle now just by plugging a couple guys in. Also there highlight of the draft was Aaron Rodgers who will be sitting on the bench this year learning...the rest of there draft was below average. Not a good offseason for this team at all.
1. Tennessee - They Lost 7 starters...More than any team this year. The highlight of there draft was definitely taking Pac Man Jones...but Michael Roos was taken 2 rounds higher than i expected and i believe they reached alot for him. This team is going to struggle alot with all they've lost and this is basically why cause they lost 7 guys that were starters.
Wow...Lots of info..I'm not sure how long it took you but its well documented.

BenchFiedler said:
Wow...Lots of info..I'm not sure how long it took you but its well documented.


Took about a half an hour thx for the support on it. I tried not to be biased and focus just on the phins or be hateful and focus on how i hate the pats. I just told it how it was this offseason. Some people might find it odd how i put Randy Moss as the #1 offseason pickup but in my mind he is and its not cause of the stats. Its what he'll do for the whole team, he'll allow them to run the ball alot more effectively with newly aquired rb lamont jordan. He'll also allow Joey Porter [who already is a good wr] to catch more passes and make more plays. That being said i think the xfactor in oakland has to be ronald curry who could be the guy people are saying this year...all he does it catch tds
I agree the Packers didnt do too much in the offseason i just disagree on the points u made, while they didnt pick up much for their defense they did grab Bates to help out as they do have some talent on that d...And the losing their whole oline is way off as they only lost 2 starting guards(who both got paid very well for the guard position in fa), and they have their starting center coming back from injury(flanagan) so that Ruegamer can go to rg. How could they not draft Rodgers i dont blame them for not goin d with that pick.

Great post though
Id probaly put the Skins up higher on the offseasons worst. Really, they have to finish in the top 5 or so in the league for that deal with Denver to be a good deal. Trading a top 5-10 pick for the 25th pick is insane. I think Gibbs made a mistake coming back to the Skins with Synder as the owner, he is the worst owner in Sports IMO.
finfansince72 said:
Id probaly put the Skins up higher on the offseasons worst. Really, they have to finish in the top 5 or so in the league for that deal with Denver to be a good deal. Trading a top 5-10 pick for the 25th pick is insane. I think Gibbs made a mistake coming back to the Skins with Synder as the owner, he is the worst owner in Sports IMO.

Well heres something just for thought suppose you and I are wrong and the skins win the superbowl at the hands of Jason Campbell. That not only makes that trade the smartest of the year but it does not bode well for Denver who in thinking they got the better of the deal they really got the shad
I hope you're right about Carter. I'm sure he'll be productive but i'm not sure he belongs that high on the list. I only really disagree with you about the Bucs draft. Other than Williams they got A.Smith (te), A.Bryant(dt), B.Ruud(lb), C.Colmer(ot), ect. IMO they had one of the best drafts. Anyhow, very nice post.
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