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Trade for Jay Williams, Release Daryl Gardener, and the Dolphins are not done yet!


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May 24, 2002
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Mark my words.

Len Pasquarelli reports that after the $2.65 million base salary and a bunch of incentives and bonuses, the Dolphins actually save $3 million against THIS YEAR'S salary cap.

Thats incredible and WAY more than I would have thought.

Unfortunately HALF of the $3 million is gone already as the dolphins have to pay Jay Williams' base salary.

But the fun doesn't stop there!

Good ole Lenny also reports that the Dolphins are in the midst of negotiations with Ron Del Duca, Jay Williams' agent, for a contract extension and renegotiation. More money? DOUBTFUL. Williams had 35 tackles and 1 sack last year in 13 starts...hardly exciting stuff. I would give a 90% chance that the negotiations are to try and make Williams $1.65 million cap figure go down some possibly below the $1 million mark.

So, why are the dolphins clearing up $2 million of cap space? Did we need it to sign the rookies? Nope. Did we have someone we needed to renegotiate? Nope. What are we doin then?


Who? I dunno, your guess is as good as mine. It looks like Josh Evans jumped on the Jets wagon too soon my guess is the Phins would have signed him. Could it possibly be that the Phins will enter the race for Sam Adams????? Could we be THAT lucky??? Here's the deal on Adams. This far in free agency the money is all gone, few teams have any. Adams was on the verge of signing a one year deal with either Denver or Oakland so that he could go out in free agency at the beginning next year when teams have money. But then Cincy dumped Darnay and got a bunch of money, which enticed Adams...however...Cincy in the end is just plain too cheap as always. Adams turned down Cincy. Now, with the release of Levon Kirkland, Seattle might jump into the mix. But something tells me good ole Holmgren really won't offer much more than Denver or Oakland...and it'll prolly be a one year offer. One year offers usually are not in the $3 million range that just doesn't happen often unless its a franchise tag or somethin. So I'm guessin the Dolphins might be starting to get into Sam Adams' could they be thinking about Adams?

Remember a couple weeks back a story surfaced that DG was being considered for release so that the Phins could save some money and sign some more DL help like JAY WILLIAMS and SAM ADAMS. Did the names come out of nowhere? Tune in and find out....
well Signing adams to a 1 year deals dooesn't sound bad but I doubt it with Chester here.Remeber Dolphins promise Chester a starting Job and that why he sign..We might see a veteran wideout sign...
I was thinking the same thing.

But thought it was nothing more then wishful thinking.:evil:

chester may have "promised" a starting job, but he has to be healthy enough TO start.

if we have money to sign sam adams, i am all for it.

olb might need to be addresed. who is out there? any one worth a look?
Its all wishful thinking cuz the chances are probably 8:1 that it won't happen and the Dolphins wont even pursue it.

I dont believe there's any OLBs out there worth gettin. I dont think they are done on the DL. They are thinking DT obviously with the Josh Evans visit. Its remotely possible they try to get Sam Adams.

But what wideout? Willie Jackson? We took a look at him a couple years ago I think. I doubt we're goin after Darnay cuz even though we got the money I dont know if it makes much sense given the WR corp we have...
what about another qb? with jay's surgery and two unknowns fighting for #3...kent graham? who else is out there that could challenge lucas?
kent graham is awful dude.. that would just be a waste... i would like use to sign herman moore.. or some wide out
Willie Jackson signed with Atlanta last week.

IMO, Sam Adams will go back home and play of Seattle for less.

As for the money we've got left over.......I think we'll just sit tight and see who's out there and who becomes available. Maybe add another DT. I'm of the impression that Speilman feels no obligation to spend this money and it content to just sit on it. So I wouldn't be suprised if we don't sign anyone.
if you read my post again i never said we should go after kent, he was just the only one i could think of that was avaliable...who's gonna be our 3rd qb? the rookies? are they willing to accept that unknown? to be continued...
Thats right I forgot about Freeman. He can be had for the veterans minimum or so go the rumors. The Seahawks were thinking of adding him for the veterans minimum but I think they actually decided against it.

A QB is a possibility but who? Kent Graham isn't even available and thank god for that. I dont think we had a shot at Keenan McCardell and he aint exactly a superstar either. Darnay Scott is probably the best WR available, then Antonio Freeman.

The only DT I can think of that is available is Sam Adams. We dont need another DE now...but since DG was slated to play DT part of the time, we have another DT slot to fill unless they think they're moving Rob Burnett in there on pass downs (which is possibly by the way)

Can't think of any OLBs out there that aren't retired. Don't want Katzenmoyer. I think they're itchin for a DB but Donovan Greer is the only one available. And I don't want to see cap money go to waste we're not the fvckin bengals here.

I recommend restructuring Jay Williams to a more cap friendly deal (we paid a 4th round pick for the guy there's no way he should be counting even 1.65 million on us given what he's shown on the field last year).

There's no real possibilities for the OL or TE positions out there.

And we do KNOW that the Dolphins are trying to renegotiate Jay Williams contract and I'm tellin ya I'd be my left testicle that the 2002 cap figure in whatever new deal they hammer out will be LESS than the 1.65 million it currently is.

So why saving the money? What are they planning? I hope, hope, hope its Sam Adams. Screw Larry Chester he may be the future but he's got to show that he can do what he did in Carolina here in Miami before I count on him too much. We need a glut of good linemen again I firmly believe that. Our D was really really awesome when we had a glut of good linemen all rotating in and out. We need that AGAIN. Sam Adams and Tim Bowens rotating out to Larry Chester, Jason Taylor and Rob Burnett rotating out to Jay Williams, David Bowens, and Adewale Ogunleye...It would be really really really worth it.

Sam Adams would plug up one of our ONLY possible problem areas...the other problem area being the OL....
Doesn't make sense pursuing Adams...only reason they pursuit Josh evans because he would have been a cheap option to add depth.Right now you can't rule out anything so nothing is really impossible.. have me drooling at the prospect of bringing in Sam Adams....Holy crap!
I think the best choice for the team was to send DG packing... I thinkit's a cryin shame he isn't the same DG as 2 years ago... but the cold hard fact is ... he's not. If his back is still giving him fits, and his personal problems are becoming a cancer in the locker room... then see ya later dude....
Williams will be competent on DE... so we're probably better off than if we were depending on DG, and he goes down for the season...
Now, put Adams into the DL "mix" and Oh My God! :eek: That would be HUGE! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! :D
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