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Tuesday's Night Practice Aug. 6th T.C. Report


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Apr 3, 2002
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Wassup Dolphins Fans,

Got in my truck this evening to travel north on the FLA. Turnpike, and almost turned right around. I kept hearing callers on WQAM telling Hank Goldberg that it was Pouring down rain, along with some fierce lightning!! It's a good thing I saw a break in the clouds off to the West, so I went for it. Arriving right on time, with the rain just stopping and the BLACK clouds heading off. Oh by the way, there is nothing better than a practice at JRS, over the loudspeaker they tell you what the team is doing, like special teams, etc. And the announcers gets the crowd into it, and the CHEERLEADERS are there pumping the crowd! BUT the view is NOT QUITE as close as the Practice Facility!

Enough about me, lets do the Qb's first:

Jay Fiedler was moving around just fine, he was just a tad bit off in warm-ups but that's why it's called warm-ups. He was throwing the ball fairly well once the action started. Fiedler used lots of dump offs to RW's with the Rb showing some good shifty moves to avoid that first hit. Fiedler also hit Chris Chambers on about a 20 yard hitch pattern that had very tight coverage (I believe Fletcher) in the middle of the field. Chambers stopped, turned, while keeping his movement away from the defender, and though he had to fall right after turning, the ball was perfectly placed. Any higher, or if he had tried to keep leading CC, I believe Fletch had an INT. Though Fiedler did play, it was still Lucas getting most of the snaps. Overall he seems to be moving fine, and had a pretty decent practice. No Int's by Fiedler (don't hold me to this)

Ray Lucas did not fair as well, maybe his arm is still sore and it's affecting his accuracy? He overthrew way too many receivers, once having CC a step ahead of Madison in the corner of the endzone. He either did not want to chance it, or he totally misjudged it, having the ball go over CC's head by about 8 yards. Not all was terrible for Lucas, for he did connect with Baker twice on good throws, and also used the Rb's well enough to have me at ease a bit! I believe Ray threw two Int's (again don't hold me to this #)

Zak Kustok continues to be the third Qb up for action, and IMO he had a terrible practice. On my count I had Kustok only throwing three nice passes, one though was a very, very well placed, and thrown out pattern to I believe Margin Hooks, or Albert Johnson! Other than that I was not impressed with lil Zak.

TIM LEVCIK, yeah I capitalized him! He had a VERY NICE practice, showing some awesome touch on shorter throws, and incredible accuracy on seemingly effortless long balls. One play had them in the 2 minute drill, with a 3 Wr set, and Levcik found Alonzo Mayes right up the gut. What a thing of beauty, Mayes had no sooner turned around, and he found the ball right at his lower chest, with a defender ALL OVER HIM! But you know what? That was not the HIGHLIGHT!!!
Still in the 2 minute drill found Levcik drop back, and he spotted Robert Baker breaking free up on a post pattern, and I'm telling you people that he LAUNCHED IT! But it looked like he just stepped into a medium range pass!!! A PERFECT STRIKE hitting Robert Baker RIGHT IN STRIDE. That seemingly effortless pass traveled every bit of 45-50 yards IN AIR! Baker just had to put his arms out to receive the ball right in his hands, no slowing down!
Levcik did throw a stupid pass though, a perfect strike to Ray Green who read him perfectly all the way. On that play had Levcik looked to his third option, he had a Rb all alone on the other side! Overall I'd have to say that Levcik outshines the Qb's tonight. I cannot wait to see how he does with ALL the PADS on AGAINST ANOTHER TEAM. He is still real raw but IMO he is way more valuable as a 3rd Qb at this time than Kustok..........so much potential there! Ahhh but maybe it's just me!

Now the Rb's:

Ricky Williams got a few more touches running tonight, and showed to me that he is going to make some holes on his own if he has too! He is moving the pile three and four yards after impact at the line, almost consistently. Not as much on Chester's side though! His blocking skills are also excellent, he picks up the blitzes very very well, and they are constantly blitzing! He is also catching the ball really well in the flats, and turning it right up field! He did not fumble tonight, but did drop two passes, one being nearly an impossible one to catch, though it hit his outstretched hand. And he had one batted down in the endzone by JT~more on JT later......

ROBERT EDWARD'S deserves to be capitalized as well, he had three runs in a row off LG that were LONG GAINERS, one being easily 25 yards, until a defender caught up to him. He stretched the line just enough for a decent hole to open up, and cut sharply right into it, leaving some outstretched hands on the DL behind. He made a nifty move off a reception and looked well catching tonight. I herd someone say they thought he left the field limping but I did not see it. I'm hoping it was nothing or just his hammy acting back up like it did in Tenn.

Travis Minor also had a very nice practice, running the ball right off RG twice and nearly braking one all the way, he is also a very good receiver, but what caught my eye tonight was Minor picking up the BLITZ!! I think Ricky's willingness to stay in and Block is rubbing off on Minor, and maybe Ricky's rubbing off enough (at his lowered weight) to give Minor some confidence going up the gut, tonight Minor did well.

Henry Leonard might not have faired as well, but still was no slouch! He also went up the gut and nearly broke it with a slick move to the outside, but he got caught at the line on the next play by Seaverns, at the line. He may not have wanted to go down but Severed (I liken that nik) was not having it! I missed seeing Henry block, and I really think this is real important in this offense, so next time out I'm going to try and lock in on that part of his game.

The Wr's and TE's go next:

CC was limited to I think Two catches, one being already explained in the Qb section, so I'll say this, that he is getting open sometimes, but it seems that he is the first option, and Norv is wanting the Qb's to look off to the second and third options. I think this makes a lot of sense, having CC doubled in a real game is a darn good possibility, and OG, or a RB, or TE will be getting lots of chances! Practice makes perfect!

OG caught two balls, but nothing spectacular.

McKnight was dressed but as I drove home thinking of what I had seen, I thought to myself, Hmmm did he even make it on the field? So nothing to report on him.

Dedrik Ward had a real nice practice, catching 5 balls I think, one being real nice Td reception in the Red Zone Offense, against Madison! Ward also had a nice punt return, which makes me think Hmmm, are they thinking of letting Ogden go? Lots of different Wr's worked the Pr's (punt returns) tonight.

Ogden did nothing great on Pr's getting caught twice early in the runs, and caught one decent pass. He could have gotten another had he not let it bounce off his hands.......INT

ROBERT BAKER, there go the Caps again!! Baker had an EXCELLENT practice, the best of all Wr's. He was all over the field. I lost count of his reception amount, but that last BOMB TOPPED IT ALL OFF. An 80 yard Td maybe longer!!!!!! Baker also had a nice punt return for a Td, again remember that the Pr's were FLAG FOOTBALL, and he may have been downed after still, a long gain!

Mayes had the one Reception I believe.

Weaver did better tonight, blocking a catching.

But if you ask me all the TE's are behind McMichael, who caught a nice redzone Td himself, and took out a Lb on a pancake block during one of Edward's nice runs. I got MacMike penciled in at number one, and he did practice first team first tonight!

Sam Simmons did really well on Pr's, he might have also scored once, thanks to that flag, but what's nice about him on returns is it seems so natural to him. Playing catch he made a real nice snag on an out pattern, and I'm not sure if he caught any during drills.

Sulecio Sanford, man if he did not drop balls thrown to him in drills I'd be pushing him for that number 5 spot. This guy can return some punts!!! He juked two defenders right out of their shoes on a DEFINITE TOUCHDOWN! He also scored on the very next PR, but that flag ball probably was the reason!

There was an Ed Perry sighting!!! He steps on the field for ONLY LONG SNAPS!! Not once this camp have I seen Perry line up at TE! So when you start your 53 man roster predictions I'd count him FIRST :)

Deon Dyer was wide open on his lone reception, and made a rumblin run for about 15 yards! Man this guy can also open some holes

Konrad did not have a reception I THINK, but did pick up the blitz pretty well on two occasions that I saw!

Femmi did not catch one either again I THINK, but I did notice him lined up as the WIDEOUT during a 5 wide set! I thought that was rather interesting!

Lets do some OL before I get to bed:

The first team line did pretty good in the beginning and at the end, during the 2 minute drills!

Perry is looking pretty good so far, trying desperately to fend off Searcy.

Wade held his own, but did let Williams get by him real easy once.

Dixon is still looking to me like he is nursing his leg, he is SOLID during plays, but it's afterwards that I notice this. Can someone tell me if he has always bent way over during the huddles?

BRENT SMITH, caps again? Yes, but for the wrong reasons!!! If there is a write up in the papers on Wednesday saying how Smith is coming along nicely, WELL, DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!
I saw JT BLOW BY HIM WITH EASE 4 times in two consecutive series of drills! His first step is what's killing him, and that's his KNEE not reacting fast enough, for sure!

The second team O-Line is getting my vote tonight. Spriggs, Nails, McKinney (baldy), Searcy, and I forget who at RT played real well, holding their own in pass coverage, and dominating on quite a few running plays. Nails Leads the way, followed closely by Searcy (whom I think is still nursing a tender groin), Spriggs is one to watch out for though because I think in a couple of weeks time, he may be looking at that LT job. He seems to be a little faster of the ball than Smith, even though his injured knee was blown out a few weeks after Smiths!

Well, it is getting really late so I'll give you guys a quick summary of this practice as a whole, and a little bit of defensive players worth noting!

This report may sound like the Offense dominated, but IMHO it was actually the defense that got the better hand tonight! I counted 3 Int's and 6 balls knocked down. Early on, while Fiedler was in I'd say the offense did well, but during the middle it was the defense getting the most of it! The last part of it was the Levcik show!

Surtain intercepted a pass, and ran it back for a Td, and Fletcher was the one who made a great play on the twice tipped pass thru Ogdens hands, one that Og should have had. Fletcher was right behind Og, and would have made an instant tackle. The ball looked like it would fall to the ground but Fletch tipped it in a way that if he could get to it, he would be heading towards a Td, well he got it, and I think Og caught up to him about 30 yards downfield. Fletcher also batted down two other balls, one on great coverage. He did get beat once too, but overall I'd say the Jamar had an EXCELLENT practice. His first real words of praise by me during this TC. Zach batted down a ball right as it got to the Wr, as did Derrick Rogers (yes folks a Rogers sighting). Seaverns made three or four real nice stops near or at the line on running plays, but got beat for the McMike redzone Td. Williams got a sack, JT had two, maybe three. Ray Green had an INT, Madison had that TD caught on him but both him, and Ward knew it could have gone either way, both of them met each other after the play and jawed at each other in Jest, ending it with handshake!

Well, People it is 2:45 AM and I'm beat! I know I've probably forgotten some things, especially on defense, so any questions are welcomed. I'll try and get to any, and all of them ASAP. I'm going again for the Afternoon Session on Thursday!

I hope you all enjoy the reading, and remember this is only practice, with just HELMETS, and SHOULDER PADS..............A REAL GAME IS NEEDED SOON!!!


What about Morlon Greenwood?? I havent heard to much about him, except that "buff" award.
And sorry not to be rude thanx again dude!!!!!!!
Is it right to start getting excited about Levcik yet? I'm with you, I can't wait to see him in a real game.
Does anybody remember the last time a third string rookie showed anything like this?

It seems like our practices are like two good teams battling it out....One will make a big play and then the other will make a big play. I think that's a good sign.

One thing i would like to know OZ, we had a big problem with penalties last year, do they call ANY penalties in practice or do you see them addressing this in any way?
Brent Smith still looking terrible...

I wonder if Dixon's firing off the ball like he use to that could help him immensely in a move to LT. But right now the longer he doesn't work there, the less chance of him moving.
Thank you so much OZ, I am so glad to hear that all of my favorite players are doing awesome....(Jay, Ricky, Chris, Jason, Sam, Pat...... I didnt hear anything on my all time favorite Zack though) Thanks again and keep it up
Ozzy...thank you very much. I do appreciate your efforts.

I personally will wait until after the 2nd preseason game before I start liking or disliking certain players. During practices, coaches may be having some players do different things to see how another player would react.

So I'm just going to play it safe and wait.

And I'm also scared to death of the dang injury bug. After hearing every other team talk about who's hurt and for how long....makes me shake in my shoes.

Either way, Go Dolphins!
thanks Oz. I hope Levick gets to play against Tampa on Monday.
Originally posted by IceStorm
Ozzy...thank you very much. I do appreciate your efforts.

I personally will wait until after the 2nd preseason game before I start liking or disliking certain players. During practices, coaches may be having some players do different things to see how another player would react.

So I'm just going to play it safe and wait.

And I'm also scared to death of the dang injury bug. After hearing every other team talk about who's hurt and for how long....makes me shake in my shoes.

Either way, Go Dolphins!

Thanks Ice, also I hope that most everyone looks at it the same as you.

Shoot, I'll probably wait until the third game til I make any judgements on certain players.

One that does concern me at this time though is Brent Smith!

Like I always try to remember to put in my reports, Lets see them in a real game!
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