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Tyreek Hill lawsuit is in. Can miss games.

Half of these people just want to make enough noise that it makes the athlete in question settle out of court just to make the issue disappear.

Hill needs a Loyd's of London frivolus lawsuit insurance policy. At this point he could pass gas in public and get sued for damages.
What a crock.........

Willingly participating in goofing around in the backyard........ We better get SCOTUS on this immediately.
Hill isnt the sharpest tool in the shed, seems like a non issue though. Im more concerned about him demanding more money before tua has inked a deal. Guy doesnt care about superbowls, greedy bastard. I miss the days when players actually honored contracts.
In this case, sounds like he had some of the parents of children who attend one his camps at a gathering. Doesn't sound too trashy.
And as a requirement of that he needs to fly her out and message the fat assed OnlyFans model through Instagram and do drills against HER?

Screenshots included in the lawsuit show Hill messaged Hall on Instagram in a “flirtatious and playful manner” after she purchased the ticket.

Hill, who was engaged to Keeta Vaccaro at the time, allegedly asked Hall to come to the camp a day early and to stay at his Southwest Ranches home, an area in Fort Lauderdale, after the camp was over, according to New York Daily News. The lawsuit states Hill paid for Hall’s travel expenses to get to the home.

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