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Which would you prefer?


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Feb 5, 2008
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Im not super tech savvy especially from a phone but the title of the thread is MiaFins31s NFL Draft Big Board Top 100 and its in the NFL Draft forum.

I didn't take it as negative at all I just thought I should clarify that wasn't where me myself was ranking those guys just using the general consensus for the purpose of that exercise. I'm always happy to discuss and see others opinions too and especially those that watch the tape of the players not just what they saw on the stat sheet.

My top 100 is just for now as obviously I reserve the right to change my mind after pro days and combine and all that stuff leading up to the draft. My rankings are also not where I think a player will be drafted. I rank the players based on purely who I think the best players are pound for pound. Please find and comment on the thread would love to discuss with you.
Sounds good, I'll dive into that tomorrow!
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