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Who wins game 7?

Who wins game 7?

  • Detroit

    Votes: 14 42.4%
  • San Antonio

    Votes: 19 57.6%

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Ok guys who takes game 7, Detroit or San Antonio? Hard to say, but I'll go Detroit just because of last years championship and the way they refused to lose tonight.
The Spurs really should of win lastnight, but i think that they will bring it in game 7 and win.
I said Detroit in 7 when this started. I'm sure not backing off that now.
The Spurs are at home and I really believe that Duncan will have a great game and Horry will step up with some big 3s as well. The major thing is that the Spurs have to force some turnovers. In games 4 and 6 the Pistons had less than 5 turnovers while the Spurs were over 10 each time.

It's going to be a helluva dogfight on Thursday.
I really thought Detriot was done after losing game 5. Yet, they keep on doing what they've been known for... Going to work and making things happen.

Detriot in gmae 7.
I wanna say san an-tone cuz I still believe that detroit got away w/ a slap on the wrist for the Indiana fiasco earlyer this year. but in reality and all biases aside I think it'll be detroit.
I said Detroit in 6, so I'm going with Detroit in 7.
I'm going w/ the Spurs. I hate both teams, but the Pistons whine to much and I picked the Spurs from the beginning so Ill stick with it.
San Antonio for the simple fact that I cannot see one of these teams losing consecutive home games. I don't know, it's just my gut feeling.

I'll be rooting for Detroit though. On my top 10 list of players(starters) I can't stand, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan are all on it.
2 Pistolz said:
San Antonio for the simple fact that I cannot see one of these teams losing consecutive home games.

eh, I hate that arguement.

Last year during the ALCS (sox vs. yanks) It was 3-0. I still had hope we could win.

All we needed to do was win 1 game (game 4). Then we had Pedro (at home) and Curt. Then it came down to one game. Sure, I didn't believe it would play out that way o questions asked, but there was still some hope.

3-3, and one game left. Anything can happen. It didn't matter who won what games, it mattered that there was one game left.

No stats, no records, no "it's never happened before", just win once...
Exactly. What's done is done. I hate the "it's never happened before, and even though they're just one game from it happening, it's not happening now" argument.

I'd note that last year, after winning the first 2 at home, people pointed out that no team in NBA finals history had ever won the middle three games at home. The power of history was so great that the Pistons stomped the Lakers in game 5 in a game that wasn't even remotely as close as the 100-87 score indicated.
Like I said, I'm rooting for Detroit...it's just a gut feeling.
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