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Why has no one mentioned this?


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Mar 2, 2005
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There is only one differnce when we beat the Bears, Chiefs, Vikings, and Lions from when we lost to the Jags. Can You geniouses guess? It's Ronnie Brown. For all of you wonderful judges of talent, I would like to point out that the one game we lose in the past five is the one we dont have Ronnie Brown; the guy who doesnt have vision or break away speed, the guy who is just okay. Okay players are people who are noticably missed when they are gone. From my opinion, our offense is ALOT worse without Ronnie Brown. He is able to get the short yardage plays and people fear him unlike Morris.
define this word geniouses

ooooooh u meant geniuses? way to go there smart guy
Count me in. Im a Ronnie Brown fan. Morris and Minor...nope. Ricky was missed when Ronnie went down.
It stinks Ronnie was hurt, because he'd been running the ball well (other than the Minnesota game), and he was on pace for a really big day against the Lions. I believe he was primed to have a really big last 6 games (including Lions game) that really would have helped the team and would have given him and our OLine momentum carrying over to next year. I thought we were starting to develop an identity of the "hardnosed" running attack that Saban wanted.

I think Sammy and Travis did a good job. I personally though we could have run the ball much better and for more yards against the Jaguars. I wasn't upset at throwing the ball either, because we were moving the ball well on their defense. It's just the two throws that were made, that shouldn't have been made really cost us. Also, the biggest factor during our win streak (the defense) just didn't play up to par.
i see your point... morris got good yardage, but its like you said the defense dindt even care about him. people were creeping up when they saw 23 in the backfield. with morris in there, they could drop back LBs and take away the middle like they did in the jax. game, most notacibly the final series. and the first 5 games? NOBODY was playing well
Slappy8800 said:
define this word geniouses

ooooooh u meant geniuses? way to go there smart guy
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u know what he ment but that is true plus i was 1 of the anly people that love ronnie
The difference is that Joey made bad decisions in this game and our Defense didnt carry his sorry but to a victory. We will never be any more then an average team with a great Defense if Joey Harrington is starting football games.
true dol-fan said:
u know what he ment but that is true plus i was 1 of the anly people that love ronnie
Really? I thought that, aside from the frustrated nevative posters, the general consensus was that Ronnie is the man. Maybe you meant one of the many, not one of the only. :wink:
Haha, it's funny that the guy who shoots down the Ronnie Brown supporter has a Joey Harrington sig... Don't make me laugh with Joey ****ing Harrington, the guy reminds me so much of Fiedler it makes me sick. He puts together great drives and plays well the whole game and then all of a sudden out of nowhere he throws a ball right to a defender and the whole complexion of the game changes. Harrington almost blew the Vikings game, and he DID blow the game against the Jags. I personally hope he's not even on the team next year, he had his chance and he failed.
harrington has played pretty consistent...not very well but consistent...the difference is that mularkey didnt abandon the run in the 2nd half during our winning streak like he did early in the season and in our loss to jax
Wrong. The one thing those teams have in common is that their QB's suck. Kitna, Grossman, Johnson and Huard. Gerrard is better than all of them. This league is all about the QB.

As for Ronnie, I'm a fan, but Morris and Minor equaled his YPC.
My god Brown?...he played half the game the week before...Its not all about 1 guy its about a team of 53 top to bottom...
Point the figure at JH or who ever wasnt covering the qb turned WR matt jones....Or the missed tackles on Maurice Jones-Drew.
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