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2012 draft

  1. utahphinsfan

    Another draft to mock

    Ideally, the phins will trade down twice. The first w/ Philly for a 2nd rounder. Next with the Bengals for the #21. Instead of acquiring a 3rd rounder this yr, the compensation is a 2nd rounder in 2013. As such, here are my picks. rd player pos school notes 1 Fleener TE Stanford 2a...
  2. utahphinsfan

    Will Miami double dip in the draft?

    If so, what position? TE? WR? Pass Rusher? OL? My preference is TE specifically Fleener and the kid from Northwestern. Next would be OL; Zeilter & Bergstrom (Utah) Illuminate & dazzle me w/ your insight.
  3. utahphinsfan

    combine mock w/ a trade

    Miami trades with Dallas. Cowboys get #8 overall; Miami gets #14 overall & Dallas' 3rd round pick (#82) Stephenson caught the eye of the experts & yours truly. Though, he seems like a Guard to me. Guy would be competition for R Jones as Bell's replacement. Hilliard s/b gone & Reggie may not be...
  4. utahphinsfan

    Potential Upgrades @ OL & TE

    Its not my intent to beat a dead horse, but... Pay close attention to Tony Bergstrom (RT Utah) in the Sun Bowl Saturday. Gotta represent some who went to the same college & HS I did. An OL of Long, Jerry, Pouncey, Garner, & Bergstrom would be an upgrade. I would not mind Incognito & Carey as...
  5. utahphinsfan

    Fixing the OL w/ a soon to be former Cowboy

    Drafting Nick Martinez from Okla St in the 3rd Round. Ad**** or Garner would be okay too. Martinez starting at RG & Garner at RT would go along way toward rectifying the meatball's tinkering.
  6. utahphinsfan

    Upgrading at TE

    My preference is Fleener. Then, cut Hilliard and Mastrud. List Clay as FB and the TE's would be Fasano, Fleener & Yeatman. Clay and Fleener could line up all over. Fasano could be an inline TE and occasional receiver. Yeatman would essentially be an Extra Tackle. Imagine Fleener lined up @...
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