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devante parker

  1. SCLSU Mud Dogs

    Michael Thomas gets pissy with DeVante Parker

    lol Thomas salty as ****
  2. J

    DeVante Parker impressive stat

    First off - been a while since I've logged in here. Love the changes/updates to the forum. Cool stuff. Saw this stat on Twitter about DeVante Parker... Source: (apologies - no idea how to post something from Twitter in a better way)...
  3. T

    Marino Thinks Devante Parker 'Looks Outstanding' 1-on-1 With Dan Marino At...
  4. Jimi

    Ultimate DeVante Parker Highlight Videos This guys talent is through the roof. Finally in the first time in what feels like forever, things fell perfectly into place with the Dolphins. As a side note, this makes me love the Mike Wallace trade. Before although I wasnt mad we moved him...
  5. T

    CBS Sports' JLC believes Louisville WR DeVante Parker could be a top-10 pick

    CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora believes Louisville WR DeVante Parker could be a top-10 pick. Parker is considered by many to be the No. 3 receiver in this class behind Amari Cooper and Kevin White, but some NFL evaluators have Parker ahead of White and not far behind Cooper. "Parker is the kind...
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