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  1. F

    Dion Jordan Worst high pick ever?

    Dion has to be the worst first round pick by Miami ever. I know there are ample threads on this but wow, the guy is either getting a procedure or taking the wrong drugs. I wish we didn't have to even have reports on him. So he just got his knee cleaned up again. OK. He must of damaged it...
  2. N

    Good News: Dion Jordan's suspension frees up $3 million in 2015 cap space

    So in a way, Dion Jordan's suspension might make Miami a better team, since we now have more cap space to sign free agents.
  3. Geforce

    Determined Dion Jordan formulates plan

    Wednesday Buzz Column http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2014/01/determined-dion-jordan-formulates-plan-heat-hurricanes-marlins-chatter.html
  4. N

    What position will Dion Jordan play next year? DE? OLB?

    We traded up to the 3rd overall pick to get Dion Jordan, so I can't imagine he'll continue to be a backup rotational player. A lot of us felt Dion Jordan should have played OLB this year, taking snaps away from Wheeler. What do you think? Will Dion Jordan continue being a backup...
  5. kingfin23

    Philbin making a huge mistake with Dion Jordan.

    How is this kid going to get better on the run with no experience out on the field. By letting him come in on pass coverage only ' you're telling the defense were in pass coverage. This is the most dumbest thing I ever heard in my life. Put the kid out there and let him learn. He needs...
  6. N

    Dion Jordan the 3rd down specialist vs Hurry-up Offense

    I'm reading that Dion Jordan is expected to be a 3rd down specialist in our defense. http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/thedailydolphin/2013/07/25/how-will-dolphins-rookie-dion-jordan-stack-up-with-other-no-3-overall-picks/ If so, would he be able to make the field against a hurry-up /...
  7. number1fin

    Dion Jordan interview

  8. finsfan4life

    Dion Jordan and offset language

    Florio has an article on profootballtalk about the Dolphins possibly insisting on offset contract language. This basically means that the Dolphins would recoup part of the money if they cut him, and another team signs him. I understand what the Fins are trying to do from a business perspective...
  9. napsndreds

    The Dion Jordan Pick

    I think alot of people under estimate this kid. But before I talk about him, lets talk about what this means for tannehill. Dion is gonna make Tannehill 10x better. His decision making will have to be quicker because of the pressure from both sides. I see alot more running by tannehill...
  10. W

    Dion Jordan pass catching DE

    after watching a video another member posted and seeing he went to oregon to be a wr is there any chance we line him up at wr in the red zone. he's tall with a huge arm span and 32.5in vert jump. we could be throwing jump balls to him in the end zone. since he was moved from wr to de he might...
  11. number1fin

    Dion Jordan answers media questions following draft selection

  12. number1fin

    Don't forget about...

    ...Josh Kaddu. Am I the only one who thinks drafting Dion Jordan will significantly help with his development?
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