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  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Draft Day Trade

    It’s obvious Chris Grier has a history when it comes to being aggressive with trades. Grier has traded star caliber players like Tunsil and Fitzpatrick for a haul of high draft picks. Grier has traded high picks for star caliber players like Hill and Chubb. Grier has made big trades to move...
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    What should our first play be?

    It seems pretty clear the team that wins the turnover battle and controls the run game should win the game tonight. I’m sure we can all agree that Mike McDaniel has to find a way to get our run game going tonight and he absolutely can’t abandon the run at any point as long as the games close...
  3. Fin_Frenzy_84

    2022 Defense vs 2023 Defense (Without Ramsey)

    There’s no question Ramsey going down is a massive loss for our defense. All we can do now is hopefully he’ll be able to return by December. We were a very competitive team most of last season when Tua was healthy even with a bad defense. So as long as our offense stays healthy this season...
  4. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Xavien Howard’s Future

    It’s looking like Howard is gonna sit out if we don’t make him the highest paid corner. If he manages to stay healthy he’ll be worth the money no doubt. Obviously we could just make him happy and give him the money so we can keep our young and promising secondary together. OR We really do...
  5. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Player Reactions to Tua?

    I've been at work most the day and haven't been able to see much of the reactions to Miami naming Tua the starter. Has anybody seen any fins players or any players in the league react about Miami starting Tua?
  6. Stoobz

    If Any Player Could Drop To 13, Who Would You Want It To Be?

    I feel Quinnen Williams is the ONE player I would love to have at 13 and this goes against my standard "DT is generally not a good pick at the top". I gotta go with my eye test on this kid - he dominated almost every time I saw him play. He moved all over that defensive line like a chess...
  7. F

    Will Fins Sweep Pats?
  8. F

    Ranked "worst games" of each week

    Fins games voted "worst games" of the week 3 out of 17 weeks. Not much love from MSN.... understandably.
  9. W

    Courtland Finnegan Cursing

    I have the TV blasting as he was limping to the sideline he dropped the F-BOMB loud!!!
  10. Fin_Frenzy_84

    The reason I like the Albert signing

    Yes he has been banged up at times but missing 11 games in 6 seasons is not all that bad at all. We needed someone dominant in pass protection (Tannehill sacked 58 times) and Albert was the best option and in order to get him we had to pay. Yes we did overpay but I am fine with that because a...
  11. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Grading Hickey's Signings

    Brent Grimes CB- (A+) Obviously our best player on defense last year and arguably the best player on our team. Didn't even let Grimes hit the market. Love it!!! Louis Delmas FS- (B) Like the one year deal, lets see what he can do and make him work for the contract. Branden Albert OT- (A-) The...
  12. LouPhinFan

    New GM, same old problems for Dolphins despite cap space

    Ouch There's some surprising quotes from people in there. Philbin's thoughts on Tannehill - Moore just shows he's lost. Moore isn't going to get us anywhere that Tannehill can't.
  13. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 2014 mock draft

    Resign Brent Grimes CB Paul Soliai DT Tyson Clabo or Bryant Mckinnie OT (Who ever is cheaper) Restructure Dimitri Patterson CB Matt Moore QB Cut Daniel Thomas Free Agents Branden Albert OT Zane Beadles OG Maurice Jones-Drew RB T.J. Ward FS Draft- Trade back a few spots and...
  14. Adam First


    Time to put up or shut up! @ at Sun Life Stadium Miami Gardens, Florida PLAYOFF CLINCHING SCENARIO IN EFFECT If Miami wins and Baltimore loses, or if Miami and San Diego win, Miami clinches the final spot in the AFC playoffs TELEVISION Kickoff at 1 PM ET INJURY REPORT WEATHER A 40...
  15. Fin_Frenzy_84

    How high is Tannehill's ceiling?

    Tannehill clearly keeps improving so let me hear people's opinions on how much better can Ryan Tannehill get? Throw some comparisons out there!
  16. jimlerario

    Earlier in the week on SC: bengals=SB team

    And our fins beat them. Fins up anyone else hear all the commentators on TV sucking the bengals? great game by the coordinators and players gotta give them props but we are still at .500 and need to keep it rolling we can never be good enough and we still need improvement thoughts?
  17. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 updated mock draft (4-7-13)

    1st-Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State 2nd-Jonathan Cyprien SS 2nd- Terron Armstead Arkansas-Pine Bluff 3rd- Robert Alford CB Southeastern Louisiana 3rd-Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M 4th-Devin Taylor DE South Carolina 5th- Kenjon Barner RB Oregon 5th- Quanterus Smith DE WKU 7th- Dustin...
  18. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Drafting O-Line

    Warmack and Cooper will both be pretty good in the NFL. If one of them were there at 12 would you want Miami to pull the trigger or no? Remember guard is a position of need and although it may not be a sexy pick it sure as **** does make our team better.
  19. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Logo Question?

    Do you think the new players and current players know the new logo and uniforms? I think the FO could of use that to there advantage and showed them to kind of recruit them. Players do want to look good when they play lol
  20. Fin_Frenzy_84

    John Abraham visiting?

    Omar RT @MarkyMarcWQAM: JOHN ABRAHAM is here...OMAR.. you know Im at the HARDROCK...I see them.. he's with his agent» I believe you. We'll see
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