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  1. matt11390

    Peter King on Dan Patrick

    Was listening to the Dan Patrick show today and Peter King was speaking about John Gruden. He said Gruden would come back to coaching next year if he is offered by a team that has a QB he feelshe can win with and that offers him lots of money. King specifically mentioned Dallas and Houston...
  2. snake eyes

    For what it's worth, Tannehill is a really smart decision maker.

    I saw him on Gruden's QB camp and he impressed gruden but I was impressed too. He really understands the game in his mind. Weather that translates into on the field greatness is another story but he is worth the pick I think.
  3. Da GODfather

    Did Gruden say something about a contract?

    I could of swore John Gruden started to say something about signing a contract. He was talking about how he loved Jaws and Tirico (sp?) and that he was going to be around for awhile. Jaws abruptly cut him off mid-sentence (like always) so he didnt really get to finish what he was saying? It...
  4. Mage_Phin

    I don't want the big-name, flashy hire.

    Its almost a certainty that that's what Ross ends up doing, but in my opinion, its not the wisest choice. These "proven" guys you all want so much are great head coaches, no doubt about that. But they don't usually have nearly as much success with their new teams, because they've already...
  5. matt11390

    What are the legalities of hiring a coach like Gruden?

    Let's say Gruden is the guy to be the next coach. I know no one knows this but let's play along. What are the legalities of hiring him mid season? Let's say Miami loses at NY and goes 0-5, Ross fires Sparano. Gruden is the man Ross wants but Gruden can't join the team right away because of...
  6. Blake the great

    Why Gruden and Cowher?

    Yes they are big name coaches but I really dont care for either. Especially Gruden, dude absolutely sucks with QB's. Tony Dungy built that Tampa Super Bowl team and Gruden could never rebuild. Tampa is finally on the rise again, AFTER Gruden has been gone for a few years and AFTER they finally...
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