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  1. Goonies

    Does anyone know where I can find authentic Marino jerseys in Miami?

    Need 3 jerseys Small, medium, large for a commercial shoot. If anyone can help that would be great.
  2. DownUnderFin

    Greatest QB Ever -

    Get your votes in for Miami greats Marino and Griese.
  3. D

    Marino stuff...tons of it for sale

    I am selling my entire collection of marino merchandise for cash flow purposes. I have several starting lineup figures (some carded), 2 Mcfarlane figures (one still carded), several books, and an authentic game equipment (not game worn) Marino jersey. It is size 52 and is made by Wilson (it is...
  4. ciscoholgate

    Marino/Tannehill Comparison: First 6 starts

    Just for fun since the Dolphins got the 'W' today and we have a week off, I thought I'd post the first 6 starts of the legend and the rookie: Dan the Man: 101 comp. - 181 att. (55.8%) , 1318 yards (7.28 yards per attempt), 12 TDs, 4 INTs, 8 sacks taken, 4-2 record, 91.8 QB Rating Tannehill...
  5. Fins_of_Fury

    In your opinion.....

    Will our franchise ever be returned to the greatness it saw in the 70's and 80's? It seems like we are cursed........
  6. snake eyes

    A philosophical question. Tannehill / Marino

    I often wondered if any of our crappy Quarter Backs in the past ever reached out to Dan Marino for advise. Would Marino even do that? He can be kind of a tool at times but I was thinking If I were a young quarterback it would be at least worth buying marino a dinner and some conversation to...
  7. ojmcduffy

    mark clayton

    Mark Gregory Clayton (born April 8, 1961, in Indianapolis, Indiana) is a former American football wide receiver who played most of his career with the Miami Dolphins, entering the league in 1983 with the Dolphins and playing there until 1992. He finished out his career with the Green Bay...
  8. snake eyes

    January 2000. Dan's last winning drive!!!

    Just Remember!
  9. finomenal

    1994 Season Over: Marino Comeback

    .....just doing some browsing on YouTube, and I came across this video: I remember this game was blacked out locally. Funny how just seeing this video brought back old emotions of excitement. Ahh, the good times. It's been so long that I think some...
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