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  1. fin-atic

    FinHeaven and the media

    All: I just read a thread regarding Omar Kelly and a tweet slighting this site. Over the years I often hear or read comments about the media versus FinHeaven. The media does not like sites like this because we are the voice of the fan. We are not bound or restricted by anyone to say what we...
  2. number1fin

    NFL Network - Inside the Dolphins

    Warning: Omar Kelly is featured in the video below
  3. P

    Got blocked by Omar Kelly on Twitter LOL

    Got blocked for calling him a "fountain of misinformation" for putting up this article love it...blocking me just shows me how weak he is.
  4. Built2Win

    Omar Kelly Opens Up the Phone-Lines To "Hater Hour"

    It seems Omar is reaching out to the people that have a different opinion of him. Omar later decided renaming "hater hour" to "critical hour" as sponsoring hate is not what he was trying to accomplish rather a healthy debate. Omar Kelly started off by saying "i have more information than you."...
  5. SkapePhin

    Do the Dolphins have the worst beat writers in the NFL?

    The 2 beat writers from the main local papers are both egomaniacs with little, if any, writing talent who incessantly try to sabotage the team with invented controversies at every turn. Between Armando and Omar, its almost enough to turn me away from Dolphin news altogether. Its sad that the...
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