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Feeley set to 'Brees' into playoffs?

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Jun 22, 2004
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Hey Fellow Fin Fans,

Yesterday, I wrote & posted the following article on my website. I'm interested in your opinions on my theory.

Please note: I'd appreciate it if people kept intelligence in this thread, rather than just throw out a "Feeley sucks..." with nothing to back it up. I welcome differing opinions, but would like a valid argument to be included.

Thanks everyone!

Feeley Set to 'Brees' into Playoffs?
(posted: 4-28-2005)

Comparing A.J. Feeley to Drew Brees may seem ridiculous at first, but...

Lemme tell you something!!!

Sounds like an interesting article... but I'm with Doc on this one... I don't like to play connect the dots with my reading material.
chill out with all the fem colors too. rainbow colors..... hmmmmm, i thought someone in a previous post said something about connecting dots.........
DrAstroZoom said:
Ow! My eyes!

How about just a link to your article?

It looked good when I pasted it in, but as soon as the thread was created, I saw the horror.

My mistake fellas, sorry about that. The link is posted.
:shakeno: So much for constructive criticism.

I've thought about it before and we've already received a lot of comparisons to last year's Chargers. I think Feeley will definitely show drastic improvement, and while he may not go to the pro bowl or lead the team into the playoffs he is going to make some jaws drop.
TooDrkPark said:
Geez, edit the text before you post....:shakeno:

It was edited, genius, but the tables were automatically reformatted. Take a look at the link if you don't believe me.
Feeley sucks....

sorry could not resist....

(I don't really think he sucks, but that yellow type was awful to look at))
InMyChambers said:
chill out with all the fem colors too. rainbow colors..... hmmmmm, i thought someone in a previous post said something about connecting dots.........

"Fem colors"? I can see how you don't get it, since the tables got all busted up. Check out the link, and you'll see that they were formatted to be their respective team colors. Other than that, I use orange and teal on the website, because they're the Fins colors. If you don't like that, ask Huizenga and Saban to change the uniforms.
Ok ... that's better.

You make an interesting point in comparing Brees's '03 numbers to Feeley's '04 numbers, but the only piece of strong evidence you give that these two players' careers will run parallel is the Hudson Houck factor. While I agree our O-line play will improve (and Feeley's game should improve as a result), that's about the only piece of definitive evidence you offer.
Your argument is based on the assumption that Brees and AJ are equivalent players and that since the complementing parts may be receiving similar upgrades the results will be similar. I disagree b/c I disagree with the base assumption. I don't see AJ as a guy who can make the play on his own. That's what Brees did last year when the other parts didn't work (player or coaching error).
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