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Finheaven's Tribute to Big Poppa Pump


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May 31, 2003
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Coral Springs

No, not the wrestler, the Dol-fan. Some of you may have heard of him. I had the privelige of interviewing one of the team's biggest fans...hands down. He is the first fan in the Dolphins' new commercial this is my seat! advertising campaign. He's on TV all the time in between the action when the Dolphins play on Sunday.

So without further ado, here is my report on the man...the myth...the legend....Big Poppa Pump!

*Dont sweat if you don't see video...this was an audio interview ;)

I thought you did mean the wrestler before i opened this up. Im about to watch it now!
This guy is a freakin' legend. I see him in the crowd at all of the games on T.V. He always hangs around with the silent dude who holds the billboards and has the giant Wanny 'stache.
Big Poppa is the heart & soul of the home crowd, no doubt about that. I always wonder if that dude posts on Finheaven? He's one of the biggest fans in town.........
2 Pistolz said:
Big Poppa is the heart & soul of the home crowd, no doubt about that. I always wonder if that dude posts on Finheaven? He's one of the biggest fans in town.........

I gave him my Finheaven business card, never heard of us prior to today...if he has the attention span to sit at the computer, he'll never leave this site. Wouldnt you agree?
Big Poppa is awesome. Good interview, I have always wondered what the story was behind him.
He's a great fin fan. He used to me on the dolphins program called Miami Dolphin Magazine. It was hosted by Mad Dog and some guy named Joe I forget his last name. He used to do some funny segments with players and fans. Haven't see that show in awhile, don't think it's on anymore. Great guy though, funny as heck
Its funny you guys brought him up, me and my wife went to the fins/raiders game 3 years ago in miami, and we had a bunch of raiders fans givin lip, when this guy with a fin jersey, with BIGPOPPAPUMP on the back, looked back a few rows at us, then at the raiders fans, then told them all to sit their asses down, no doubt they listened, my wife yells, you tell'em poppa, it was great, i would never thought i would hear about this guy again. Great guy, great fan.
This guy is freaking awesome. He's on TV every single home game. The camera always seems to find him. He's always up, leading his section. He's a legend down there. Hopefully one day soon he'll rival that loser superfan they got up there in NY. I'm sure he could kick his ***. :tongue:

Good interview.
This guy rules all that can be ruled as far as being a Dolfan. One game they put him on the big screen and that was the beginning of the legend. Every single game after that he has been on at some point... Cheering, Dancing, or in one instance rubbing his belly while eating a chicken finger. Big Poppa Pump is da shiznit :-) Definately a good move by the franchise to get him involved like they did Dolfan Denny (god rest his drunken soul), or the sign guy.
Excellent interview. Good job TT. This is the first that I've heard of Big Poppa Pump and just I just feel it's great to have a huge fan like him supporting our team. With that, I leave everyone with this...

I met him at tcamp last year. If he still has it he had a bad azzzz Denali with dolphin emblems in every window and about 6 dol fan flags hanging out it. It looked like a dolfin mobile. He also must be someone important cause he got to go inside the fense and chit chat with the team all the time last year.
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