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Gardener Released!!! / Jay Williams traded for

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The Dolphins cut ties with DT and would-be DE Daryl Gardener and immediately replaced him on the roster by trading a 2003 fourth-round pick and defensive end Al Wallace to Carolina for DL Jay Williams.[/intro]

see details at :eek:
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WOW!! I didn't think they were gonna do it.. What kind of cap hit will we be taking with this.. and who is this Williams guy... is he any good? Another draft pick for him? Wanedstat dosn't put much value in future picks does he? Is this guy worth a draft pick?
I cant believe that happened i neva would have thought that it would happen this year.
Originally posted by Ryguy1354
I cant believe that happened i neva would have thought that it would happen this year.
I am still shocked, but obviously Zach and Sam or whomever have lots of influence with the coach and the Fins must figure that they should get 16 gs out of Jay Williams (not of Duke) rather than who knows how many from DG.

The ? becomes who will pick Daryl up - I sure as hell hope it is a NFC team; though I expect him to land in the AFC.
Too bad things didnt work out with DG i bet he would have been a force to reckon with at DE espesially againest the run. Hopefully he doesnt endup in the afc.

Anyone wanna give some info on jay williams?

Didn't we look into signing him as a free agent a couple of months ago?
Bills, Colts, Patriots, Broncos, Packers, Seahawks, & the Raiders I'm sure will all try to get him.

The cap hit will be high for him next season.
Our hand was forced. There was nothing else we could do. We gave him every chance and he couldn't do it. A change could be what the doctor ordered. Help him start over.

Hope he goes to an NFC team. I don't see the Jets picking him up. But I must say that they were the first team that entered my mind.
Probably the Jets

Ain't that the truth!!!! What a shame if it ends up being his back that shortens his career, he was really starting to dominate. Hate to see any athlete's career cut short like that.:(
will his cap numbers be accelerated into this years cap?
let me just throw this in cause I didn't get to before, but now it really seems relevent; in light of this transaction, shouldn't have the Dolphins at least considered picking up Levon Kirkland? (or did they I didn't read about it) He did sign for the Vet. Min, couldn't he have been an improvement to this team?

I never, never, EVER expected soon.

A 4th round pick for Jay Williams???? Now we've got half the DL from Carolina and not even the best half (which would include both Chester and the DT who they threw in at DE)...

I guess really the thing that forced our hand was the players coming up and saying that they were tired of dealing with Daryl Gardener's crap. I actually feel bad for Daryl now that I think about it cuz he's going through a really rough separation and one would think that the Dolphins would stick by him through it but I guess you don't feel all too sorry for a guy going through a rough patch when he had pretty much alienated most everyone before he even started going through this ordeal.

The other guy I feel bad for? Poor Principal Wallace...he has to go to Carolina now.
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