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Jets vs Bills.... who ya got? Game thread

Who wins?

  • Bills

    Votes: 86 69.9%
  • Jets

    Votes: 37 30.1%

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Honestly, their best move would be to tank for a QB at the top of the 2024 draft who can step in and start. They can’t afford a quality veteran even if they spread the Rodgers cap pain into the future, and they’re not winning anything with Wilson. It was a huge mistake for them to go all in on a 40 year old QB with such a talented young core for this exact reason.
They gambled on last year being an outlier for Rodgers, and didn’t bother to fix the OL.

How do you tank completely without gutting this roster though?

There is so much talent on D. They will win games against bad QBs with just the defense.

I guess they could try to acquire 1-2 first rounders as ammo to move up too. Instead of gutting the D, sacrifice part of it for a rookie QB contract that gives you hope next year.

They are screwed
Bills are imploding before our eyes and the Jets fell for the fool's gold.

While I hate the Jets, I feel for their fans. Without Rodgers this team goes nowhere. They're scrappy but not a playoff team with Zach Wilson. Just an absolutely brutal development.

I don’t believe they were a playoff team with Rodgers. He didn’t play much, but he didn’t look very good the few plays he was in there. And he didn’t lead the Packers to the postseason last year, so ….

Over the past couple months I’ve stated that the Jests need to prove something before anyone should believe it and part of that attitude stemmed from the fact that they signed a soon-to-be 40 year old QB whose abilities have declined and is a lot more brittle. And they’ve not finished above 3rd place in the AFC East in many years.

Well, tonight we saw exactly why the ”prove it” attitude was spot on. Rodgers is likely out for a while, if not all season. And Zach Wilson is back under center. They eked out a nice “W” tonight, but lots more tough ones to come. I predicted 2-4 over their 1st 6 games before the season started and I still believe that might happen. Maybe 3-3 with tonight’s upset.
Listening to Bills Radio right now….They are melting down. I love it.

GOOD. I hope they all melt down and explode in a blaze of fiery diarrhea. **** the Bills. I hate that team/organization more than any other in the league. I will never forget or forgive 1990-1992-1995

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Ari Merov on his Twitter has a view where you see it explode basically. He's done.

It's a different angle than above. Sorry I don't have X to share it.
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I think that could be it for Rodgers' career tbh. Hard to come back from that at 40 years old.
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