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MERGED: At #2 the Phins take Ronnie Brown!!!

I'm Good With It!

I'm Good with Ronnie Brown.

All I want to know now is who are we going to trade from our defense to get more draft picks. Is it Jason Taylor?

I will be shocked if we trade Ronnie Brown for more picks.

How are we going to get more picks????

Where do I get my Ronnie Brown jersey

Alright Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!well Congrats To Saban We Finally Did Something Right This Could Be A Year To Remeber For The Fin_champions.god I Love Being A Finfan
I guess they couldn't swing a deal. Didn't Saban always say he didn't think that any of the RB's deserved #2 money or spot?
Great pickup...been saying all along this should be our only if our line can do a decent job blocking
I'm more than satisfied. RB R. Brown is a monster, and he's got excellent recieving skills as well....

GREAT PICK. I think Tampa really wanted Brown all along. I bet they go RB at #5....

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