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MERGED: Dolphins Draft Anthony Alabi 162nd

I remember reading that Houck was scouting him.

Meh- I like it.
Got info on him? I believe I have heard his name before..
Tell me about him I would have rather taken Michael Munoz.
6`5 310

War Room analysis
Strong, hard worker; excels in weight room. Has big frame and long arms. Is explosive. Lacks ideal athletic ability; isn't good in space. Overachiever who could respond to challenge from a team willing to work with him. Might be a better guard than tackle.

Dan Pompei analysis
Athletic prospect has a good body and long arms. Bends at the knees. Shows fairly quick feet. Pass protects well. Is smart, but sometimes plays too upright. Isn't a top run blocker. Doesn't consistently play with the right intensity and aggression. Has yet to put it all together, but still can develop.
O well....Feeley is our man I guess.....I cant wait to see ROTH go insane on people....Is Taylor still gonna be in miami this year??
Hugely athletic LT with great power. Weight room legend. HOUCK HAS BEEN SCOUTING HIM PERSONALY at THE TCU WORKOUT THEN MET HIM FOR LUNCH RECENTLY. Had a great junior year.
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