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Apr 21, 2005
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A month ago, we projected that the Vikings would trade both first round picks to move up and acquire a WR. The deal is signed and sealed but not yet delivered to the press

its written in their final mock draft here:
Hmm.. not sure about the source.

But I am excited nonetheless!!

And I was just about to go to sleep!! Now I cant!!

Arg. :)
Agreed Dolfan1000

I feel they would draft the best defensive player at that point.
yeah i know nothing about them. could be a great underground source or a load of crap. but it's what i wanted to hear so i'll take it lol
ok they also have carnell williams at #31 to the eagles, so much for credibility :lol:
I would seriously question that source, especially after seeing their mock draft.

David Bass to Fins at 18? Cadillac down to the Eagles at 31?
And yet according to ESPN, Minny has pulled out of the bidding and may jump back into it by tomorrow morning.

At this point- NOBODY KNOWS.
If SF takes Smith I am all for this. If not I think that is who Miaim will take and won't trade the pick unless they are given a offer they can't refuse (No, not a horse head either).
Plus unless the Bears are a bunch of liars I find it hard to believe that Benson is falling passed their pick
If we take any OL in that first round with the 18th pick, I hope it is Khalif Barnes.
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