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Parcells Players SUCK

GreenMonster said:
Or Sam Adams, Troy Vincent, and Shane Matthews...

Hmmm. I'm pretty sure Sam was in a pro bowl this year. And I'm pretty sure Troy vincent is still a baller.

and I'm pretty sure Shane Mathews is our 3rd string Qb. Do you guys want to trade a 2nd for him?:roflmao:
Well, I really don't like the Cowgirls at all, but I have to admit they have been having a pretty good off-season. I think they had one of the best drafts of anyone this year especially in the first round with GREATLY IMPROVING their defense with DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears. Both very talented players and two of the best DE's in the whole entire drafted that will almost definitely be starting this season. I expect them to have great success right away and many years to come. Their running back situation has improved greatly with Julius Jones, Marion Barber III, and Anthony Thomas... if you ask me that's some great DEPTH. Kevin Burnett is a good LB who's going to help them there where they definitely need improvement. Believe it or not people seem to forget (or haven't noticed for that matter) that in the beginning of the season last year that Vinny Testarvarde was having 250-300+ passing yard games int he beginning of the year. (It didn't last because of his age and injuries, but Bledsoe should be able to last a full season and now they have a running game) Of course this was because Julius Jones was injured and they had absolutely no running game whatsoever, but Keyshawn, Terry Glenn, and Antonio Bryant was a pretty good trio. Now add the improvement of Drew Bledsoe who I believe is definitely better than Testarvarde and now has more targets to throw to in Dallas than he did in Buffalo especially with Jason Witten, Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, and Quincy Morgan. They improved their secondary by adding Aaron Glenn and Anthony Henry who are definitely an improvement from last year. (And their biggest problem of all last year was their pass D, especially their CB's.) They also added Jason Ferguson who will definitely improve their rush D. Terry Glenn is back from injury. I admit that Parcells made some terrible moves in my opinion last year, and they suffered a lot key injuries, but despite all of that they still managed to somehow go 6-10 and blew a couple games at that. I think with the improvements they made during the offseason, and the great draft, I think that they'll prove to be a threat in the NFC and be one team to look out for. Again.. the scary thing is, this is coming from me talking about a team I dislike to begin with.

Carter played much better than Adams last year, twice the tackles and more sacks.. Vincent played in 7 games for you last year and about to start his 14th season, Shane Matthews, do I need to comment..
I HATE Parcells as much as anyone.....but you are completely off base with you analysis. Keyshaun and Glenn are very serviceable WR's (they could have signed Boston...look how that worked out for us).

This year they signed Anthony Henry a nice young corner (although they did overpay), DT Ferguson who is pretty damn good, and the one signing that you actually like, Marco Rivera has serious back problems and may not be able to play.

I'll admit, I don't like his QB choices....but he is getting exactly what he wants....a VETERAN QB who he knows exactly what to expect...who can manage a game and he won't have to worry about grooming a young player....because his old a$$ doesn't have time for that.

A-Train is a VERY good signing for a BACK-UP RB!!! You call him an Eddie George type?? He's only like 26-27 years old!! Whenever he's gotten oppritunities he's produced.....just not a featured back....but then again, they're not asking him to be. As of now, their' backup RB situation looks 10x better than ours! I'd take A-Train any day over Lamar Gordan or Travis Minor (hopefully Kay Jay Harris can make me wrong).

And as for Antonio Bryant vs. Quincy Morgan....that's a wash. Both have a lot of physical talent, but aren't quite right upstairs. Bryant sealed his own fate with the team.

I can't believe you just made me defend PArcells and the Cowboys.....I HAte you for that!!! ;)
Losman7 said:
Yeah, imagine if he brought in Vonnie Holiday, Kevin Carter, Tebucky Jones, and Gus Ferrotte! :D

Like Saban said these guys are 1-2 year guys who'll contribute until our rookies and future draft picks develop. Miami is in no position of pressure to win now like many teams (Dallas)

So did Buffalo pick up an LT yet or are they counting on Shelton to get released (has-been) or will they move Teague there so Jason can have some fun like Fina's last years.

And Kevin Carter is better than any DE or DT on Buffalo's team.
Losman7 said:
Don't you finfans realize you traded (essentially) a first for AJ Feeley.

Since Losman hasn't played you can't judge him, how did your first rounder work for you??:confused:

Not good considering we had no running game, o-line, incompetent OC, no Head Coach. And our worst team in franchise still gave the Bills good games and we beat the Pats! Something the Bills having dreaming of for the past few years.

The only way Buffalo gets anywhere is if the all the Hurricanes they draft come through. Congrats on getting McGahee. Does Western NY even have a university? Or do you have to go to Ontario for that?
at least feeley has a hot *** gf. not like mr happy hour queer eye for the buffalo bills losman, that guy ought to be wearing a pink jersey. id take fiedler over losman man
DolphanD said:
And Kevin Carter is better than any DE or DT on Buffalo's team.

Dude, Kevin Carter is WASHED UP. What has he done in his last 4 years? Absolutly nothing. Check the stats, he's a has been.

He couldn't hold a candle to Sam Adams.
claytonAndDuper said:
at least feeley has a hot *** gf. not like mr happy hour queer eye for the buffalo bills losman, that guy ought to be wearing a pink jersey. id take fiedler over losman man

way to say nothing.
WTF does this have to do with miami...if not moved yet, please move this nonsense
Totals Since 2001 (last 4 years)

Sam Adams 86tackles 13 sacks

Kevin Carter 175tackles 23.5 sacks

Who couldn't hold a candle to who>?
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