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Rickys Back???

fiedler fan..jk

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Mar 13, 2005
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cbs.sportsline.com (Updated 4/18/05)

The Miami Herald reports that RB Ricky Williams is expected to return to the Dolphins this season, according to friends of his. If that happens, the chance of the team drafting quarterback Alex Smith with the No. 2 overall pick is pretty high.

Makes sense to me, since Saban has been looking into Alex Smith alot lately.
Under Rumors. You could also go to nfl.com then go to the bottom of the page and click on rumor mill. That will bring you to the same site.
Hmmm.. I would still go with Ronnie Brown.. Cant bank on Ricky.
The hell with that, Trade his ganja *** for something. i dont want him back on the team. He betrayed me once, hes not gonna do it again.
MischiefDolphin said:
:shakeno: :shakeno: :shakeno: :shakeno:

Man, I am glad you don't run the fins.

Thats right, I better do anything to keep him off the league than doing such a boneheaded move.:shakeno:
betrayed you? have you ever quit a job? did you betrya the emplyer? should ricky have given the phins more notice? YES can you blame him for not wanting to play football anymore? NO he didnt wanna play anymore....now he NEEDS to play to pay the bills
fiedler fan..jk said:
cbs.sportsline.com (Updated 4/18/05)

Makes sense to me, since Saban has been looking into Alex Smith alot lately.

When was this reported? I know there was speculation a few weeks ago but I haven't seen any recent info in the Herald. Do you have the link to the cbs.sportsline.com article?

Edit: Never mind. I found it under the rumors section. I don't think this is based on any recent info.
I think that it well be alot easier if Ricky does comeback. He could split time with Gordon and Morris. If Saban knows that Ricky will comeback before the draft, IMO Saban will take one of the Qb's.
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