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Sad but True.....

Mack Daddy

Mar 10, 2002
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Cocoa Beach
Here's a clip I found out of the Miami Herald site. Like most fans, Dolphans can be hard to please.:cool: I think things will be different this year.

"Too many Dolfans remain unsold on their coach.

Fiedler? His detractors are legion, somewhat mysteriously so.

Fiedler is 21-10 as a starter and, despite sporadic proneness to interceptions, proved himself a classy, resourceful, gritty, likable player -- a solid QB if not a star.

Yet, just a couple of weeks ago, at a Heat game, Fiedler was loudly booed when his face appeared on the large video screen.

Wannstedt blasted the booers Monday: ``That would really bother me. That would show me a sense of ignorance. Anyone who'd act that way would have no idea why they're booing or cheering.''

Now Williams must please the same demanding fan base.

Tough crowd? I'll never forget the ugly ''Sam-mie sucks!'' chant after a particularly costly fumble by former No. 1 pick Sammie Smith in 1991.

Williams will be a hero or a target. Not much middle ground here."
You know how much that pisses me off? Booing Fiedler? FIEDLER??? HE WAS OUR OFFENSE AND THEY BOO HIM?!?!?!?!?!?


The city of Miami should be ASHAMED. They don't know a good ass Quarterback when they see one.
Yup, we were all spoiled by Marino. Fiedler is a top 15 NFL QB yet people don't recognize that. All people say is "he gets picked off so many teams" but you know what? Peyton Manning was picked off more times last year and you don't hear the Colts fans yelling for him to get cut or to leave do you? Fiedler has the legs, the arm, the brain, and the heart of an NFL starting QB. I love the guy, and I think he was the only reason our offense scored last year. He had no blocking and no running game to rely on yet he still had decent numbers. GO FIEDLER!
i back Fiedler 110%, i always have..... plus when he scramble chris bermen does that little fiddle sound

i hope Fiedler will be here for years to come :)
What pisses me off is that it also happened last year (Jay getting booed). After he played half the season with his arms falling off.

I hate Miami. I really do. It's filled with so many ignorant assholes. Yeah, everyone says it's a small minority. But that's not true. WE are the small minority.
The whole booing of Fiedler, and for that matter, the 'Fins in general last year was pathetic. I'm not sure who those fans (and I use that term loosly) are who are doing this but I have a feeling they're the same morons who couldn't figure out how to punch the friggin chad out of the voting ballot. As much as I love the 'Fins, it's apparent that much of south Florida is made up of a bunch of half-witted transplants from other parts of the nation.

Fiedler's not Marino. Then again there are only two active QB's who are anywhere close to Marino: Favre and Manning (and Manning still has a lot to prove.) Besides those two, Fiedler can compete with just about any other QB in the league.

Oh well, this season I'm sure there won't be too many boos but all the real fans will know that the moronic "I can't punch the chad!" whiners will still be out there just waiting for their chance to unleash some negative energy. :yell:

Fans have a right to boo, but if you look a little deeper and see Feidlers accomplishments and some of the reasons for his negatives, a big percentage of those booing would stop. At least the Miami fans are not as bad as the Philly fans,, cheering players who are laying on the field unconscious or paralysis - Eagle player or visitor - veteran or rookie , doesn't matter to a Philly fan !! Something to be proud of huh ?? Marino1983
Fiedler is in no way a savior or top 10 QB, but he is the best QB we can have this offseason. So he'll be our starter the next two years, like it or not. So lets just hope he does good.
Booing him at Pro Player Stadium, that's one thing. Booing him at a friggin' Heats game, though? Give the guy a break. He's one of the few who gave it all he had in the Ravens game.

While he does not have the raw talent of Marino, they both have at least one thing in common: An immense desire to WIN.

Like it or not, he's our QB this upcoming year, too. Don't like it? Go cheer for Rob Johnson and the Bucs then.

:monkey: Dumbass fans
With an increased strength on the offensive line and a powerhouse like Williams behind Fiedler, and a more rounded out Chambers, I have to agree that we may see him in the ProBowl in February 2003
Originally posted by JackDolphin
With an increased strength on the offensive line and a powerhouse like Williams behind Fiedler, and a more rounded out Chambers, I have to agree that we may see him in the ProBowl in February 2003

Exactly what I've been saying.
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