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Straight up are you happy with #1 pick


Championship or nothing.
Mar 7, 2002
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los angeles
straight up question.

Damn should of made this a poll. Hey mods any help
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I would have loved Alex Smith, but he was gone.

Ronnie Brown is a quality pick, and we have two quality recievers, great pick.
No...not happy at all. I like Ronnie, but I don't think he's proven enough for the #2.

I'm borderline pissed...

Another thing I'm pissed how come we have to hear from Nolan, and the Crennel, but we don't get to hear from Saban????
Anyone care to explain???
Ronnie Brown great player but we could of did so much more...rather prefer Braylon Edwards

so im 50/50 time will tell if im happy but right now just a little disappointed
very nice pick this kid will take alot of presure off of a.j. and make him a better qb!!!!!
great speed, hands and he hit the hole like a mother f--ker
great pick
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