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Was Ronnie the right back?


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May 16, 2004
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I really like Ronnie Brown and think he will be a successful back in the NFL. But I have to think that if we knew Ricky Williams was coming back for sure would Ronnie Brown still have been drafted by us? With Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in the backfield it is a really talented backfield... but they are too similar of backs to really complement each other. Both Ricky and Ronnie are the type of runners where they are most successful when they carry the ball 30+ times a game( well atleast Ricky is and ronnie is a powerback). I think our backfield with Ricky back would be alot more dangerous with carnell williams rather than ronnie brown. That being said we really can't go wrong with a Ronnie Ricky combo... think about ricky or ronnie being fresh in the 4th quarter and dominating defenses... but then again if we had caddy ricky would still be fresh in the 4th and caddy would be cuttin up the defence.
Did you listen to anything around draft time in relation to his scouted skills?? There was no back better to suit him in the draft, in fact, acording to experts there was NO BACK BETTER....PERIOD!!! How did we possibly make a wrong choice?
Don't you think the question crossed Saban's mind "what back would offer the most in Linehan's offense"?
when the draft rolled along saban had no idea what ricky was going to do, ricky was still in india, i beleive it was the right pick and i stick by the choice, besides ricky was only going to play 2 more years, then ronnie can permanently be the feature back, i beleive ronnie will be the starter though even though they split carries.
Brown was the right choice...and Ricky's decision wouldn't have had any impact on who we would have drafted. It's not like Ricky can be trusted anyways.
Ronnie is our man in the backfield now. Yes, Ricky WAS the man, but he has been away for a year and lost some major weight. Furthermore, I forgive Ricky and understand his motives, but we can't trust the offense into his hands again. Ronnie Brown is the guy that should help carry his offense. Ricky will be the support and IMO give Ronnie an extended shelf life.
Ronnie Brown is the difference between having to COUNT on Ricky and having him as a LUXURY if he returns to his old form. Personally I'd hate to be COUNTING on Ricky right now.
Yes, Ronnie was the BEST back outta the other two. All three of them do have something that the other two doesnt have. Benson can carry the ball around 25-30 carries a game, so he can carry it all for a team. Williams is a shifty runner who can make people miss. Brown is a complete RB, and when i say complete RB that means that he can run the ball well,he can catch the ball well, and he does a very good job at blocking for the QB. So as you can see, Brown is a better all around RB then the other two.
I doubt Ricky had any effect on how we drafted, but that being said they aren't such a bad compliment to eachother. First off we don't know how big Ricky will get, so he may not be the same powerful back he once was. If he is though they would still be a powerful combo. One of Ricky's greatest traits was how he would pound defenses and just wear them down and in the end of the games take advantage of the fact that they were tired. Now imagine Ronnie Brown pounding it wearing down the defense, then a totally fresh Ricky coming in to pound it some more, then bringing a fresh Ronnie back in and so forth. Thunder and lighting combo's are nice, but two bruisers can be as effective of even more effective. Plus, if I'm not mistaken this was the same strategy Saban used at LSU. I think most of his backs were big guys with power. I still am not sold on bringing Ricky back, but I have to admit it could certainly be a nice addition.
You know what, even if Ricky went to Saban right before the draft and guaranteed him he would return and play 5 more years, I still think Ronnie Brown would have been selected. Saban is a smart man, and he realizes that no matter what Ricky says doesn't mean that is what Ricky will do. Ricky is a gamble, and Saban always wanted to have an alternative. Just so happens, that Ronnie will most likely do better then the new version of Ricky we will see. Some of you expect Ricky to come back and shine like he did before he left, and stay for like the next 4-5 years. Ricky will never be the same back, and he may only be a Dolphin for this year or two years at the most. Ronnie is the future, and Ricky is just a current luxery.
Ronnie Is The Man And He Was The Rite Choice Thats Just My Opinion The Most Complete Rb In The Draft.
Has Ricky carried the ball for us yet? Is anyone 100% sure he is coming back?
uh NO! lets dont forget injuries happen. oh and by the way Saban is are coach, not you. let him do his job. :D
Imo we had to pick Ronnie. The other players who warranted a top ten pick were either RB,WR and CB. No position that we needed warranted a top ten pick. Also, Ricky has also stated if he came back he would play for one more year. He contradicted himself a week or so ago saying he has 4000 yards left in him though. We couldn't trade down, so we have to pick the player that is suitable for the #2 pick, and will help us. When we picked ronnie brown on draft day i was disappointed. But like always, he grew on me and now i love the pick.
Two explossive backs will make the team better. That's been the trend lately. If Borwn needed rest with a healthy RW (vise-versa), I doubt your running game will miss a hearbeat which could be brutal and wear down defenders. Do you guys remember the night RW pounded the bills 40 times? With Borwn in there, RW won't have to do it himself.
Has Ricky carried the ball for us yet? Is anyone 100% sure he is coming back?
uh NO! lets dont forget injuries happen. oh and by the way Saban is are coach, not you. let him do his job. :D

Ease up a little bit. It's the slow part of the year and I'm sure folks are just a tad bit restless. I know I am.

That said, I don't think now is the time to be 2nd guessing. Ronnie is here, and as far as I can tell he's coming along quite well. Lamont Gordon was just commenting yesterday about how Ronnie is a big boy, and that he has great feet. We also have read about his receiving skills, and how good he blocks. The later, being extremely important for those who run one back sets like Linehan. I think we are going to surprise this year. Can't wait for the season to begin!

Go Dolphins!!

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