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Watching Josh Allen and Mahomes


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Oct 9, 2011
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Yeah? What about Brady or Brees? How do you explain their success?
Brayd and Brees may not be "running QBs", but both of them move around very well in the pocket. Watch Mahomes and Allen and how many times they have guys in the backfield and watch them step up *inside* the pocket.

Everybody focuses on when they break out of the pocket and make those crazy plays, but they dodge guys or move around in the pocket every single play. Brady and Brees were both able to do that as well to buy time for a guy to get open. One of the things that makes all of those guys great is what how "mobile" they are inside the pocket.


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Apr 23, 2010
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See what it’s like to have a QB that can keep a play alive by being mobile. Trade the next two first rounders and tua for deshaun and hope his legal problems without.
Those are real nfl qbs. Haven't seen any in these parts for a long time
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