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Why Didnt We Resign Him!!!

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Oct 18, 2002
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You have heard me saying all over the message board "BRIAN! BRIAN! BRIAN!" If you don't know why its because im getting frustrated by Arturo Freeman's game as of late. Wannstedt said he would have a breakout year, and every game im waiting for it and its not happening, so we should have signed SS Brian Walker (now on lions) back to us and had him he was so damn goodwe lack the talent at SS. I mean TE GONZALEZ killed us i wont be surprised if Sharpe has a good game or ne other decent TE....BRIAN! BRIAN! BRIAN



:monkey: Wannstedts "BREAK OUT YR" Quote on Freeman

:goof: <-----YELLOW RICKY! lol
Can we find anything else to complain about...really. I mean we are 6-2. Has Freeman really played that bad?? I think wew are doing the best we can with what we got.
One of the losses were becuz of our SS.......FREEMAN! And Walker woulda made heads up pl
I disagree. Walker was a good player. But come on. He wasn't the greatest in coverage. Freeman has much better range.

As for Tony Gonzalez.....very rarely (if at all) was he open against us. He just made some spectacular plays on precision throws. Coverage wasn't the problem in that game.
Some might not agree, but I think if Surtain played in that game "healthy" we would have won that game vs. KC YES, one player can make that big a difference, especially at the CB position.
Just to clarify, I meant "coverage on Gonzalez was not the problem".
Sign Brian Walker for 5 years and $10 million? the Lions are already kicking themselves fo that deal - and we should have topped it???
Originally posted by chambers84
Can we find anything else to complain about...really. I mean we are 6-2. Has Freeman really played that bad??

Not to split hairs but we are 5-2
Tony Gonzalez having a good game is not a new concept.No shame in it.An average TE wouldn't have done half as well as he did that night.
What A Ridiculous Statement

I'm sorry, but Arturo Freeman is playing SS at a Pro Bowl level this season. His one blip came against the Chiefs and even then he seemed to get far more of the blame than he was responsible for. He is the perfect complement to Brock Marion in that his run skills work tremendously alongside Marion’s ability in pass coverage. Freeman loves contact and is an outstanding tackler, especially for someone under 200lbs. When the play gets to the edge, Free is the usually the first player in on the hit, getting through the trash well to get to the ball carrier. That is underlined by his 32 solo tackles with just TWO assists. He is also a very underrated cover man – often being given receivers in man to cover on, on third downs and he has shown the ability to be glove like. Apart from Gonzalez, how many receptions has he had against him? He’s quietly having a very solid season and anyone who thinks that Brian Walker is a better option is clearly deluded.
Brian Walkers stats
Total tackles 14.0
Solo 14
assist 8
Fumble Rec 0
Now lets compare to Freeman season...
Arturo Freeman
Total Tackles 31.0
Solo 28
Assist 6
Sacks 1
Fumble Rec 1

hmm 31 tackle to 14 ? Freeman has made 28 solo tackles..I think Freeman is doing a good job back there and not to mention he can cover way better than walker.Who is the Fins 4th corner in dime package? Yeah that right Freeman becomes corner while Wooden takes his place...
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