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why not draft mcpherson with the 2nd rounder?


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Apr 2, 2005
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Phinfan1980 said:
maybe i'm letting a little bias cloud my judgement being a nole and all...
there are quarterbacks out there that will surprise us and why not let it be Adrian?

as a nole fan too i despise this ***#$#@## and wish him nothing but failure in the NFL. i guess u missed th egm he played at ncst a few yrs ago with the acc title on the line? when he purposely played like crap throwing that gm for FSU. he needs to be playing in the canadien league or arena again, if hes drafted by the pats im coming over to the phins team as a fan

:roflmao: no but this guy wont make it in the nfl, and i will be rooting hard he fails bigtime.

i would rather take chris rix than pick this disaster in the making

thank god rix is gone!!!!!!!!!!
bring on xavier lee, sexton sux!!!!
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