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  1. McMikey Mike

    Sean Payton Dumbs It Down for Sunday? (and some more Dolphins hype)

    Coach Sean Payton of Denver has decided to simplify the offense for Sunday's matchup against the Dolphins. The link starts at the 1:12 minute mark. Afterwards, there's more thoughts about the Dolphins. Meanwhile, the Dolphins have a pretty complicated play call system that boggles the mind!
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Potential Trade Partners To Move Back

    Most of us seem to be down with Miami trading the 3rd pick to move back a few spots. What kind of value should we expect to receive if we did move back from 3? I personally would want a 2022 1st in any type of trade package for the 3rd overall. It's always nice owning multiple first round...
  3. j-off-her-doll

    2016 AFC playoff predictions: South, West appear wide open

    Vote Summary by division: AFC East Patriots 20 AFC North Steelers 16 Bengals 4 AFC South Texans 11 Jaguars 4 Titans 3 Colts 2 AFC West Chiefs 12 Raiders 6 Broncos 2 The Broncos should win the AFC West. They have the best D by a wide margin, the running game should be much...
  4. number1fin

    Referees fail at being impartial in Bills vs Broncos game Simply put, certain teams just aren't good for business.
  5. T

    Chris Mortensen reports the Broncos consider Julius Thomas (ankle) "day to day."

    ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports the Broncos consider Julius Thomas (ankle) "day to day." Per Mort, the Broncos are not "overly concerned." It's obviously encouraging news, but Thomas has a long history of ankle issues. He shouldn't be considered out of the woods for Week 12 just yet. Thomas'...
  6. D

    Phins vs Broncos

    I understand Denver lost some guys to injury but you just don't see Peyton Manning lose 2 games in a row. I'm rather sure he hasn't done that yet with Denver. The last thing I wanted to see happen was for the Broncos to lost St. Louis. Miami might run into extremely motivated opponent.
  7. dreday

    Who does denver have for a back up qb?

    just for security behind neckboy?
  8. Kdawg954

    Denver continues Poker game . . . reports of Orton clearly outshining Tebow in camp
  9. Kdawg954

    ESPN reporting Kyle Orton has SHOWED UP and will participate in organized activities

    Does anybody ever get Miami's moves correct? Looks like Denver is going to be testing him out before any trades r done.
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