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  1. matt11390

    Bush most likely gone

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000131914/article/reggie-bushs-future-with-miami-dolphins-looks-bleak Bush is most likely going elsewhere so it will be Lamar Miller and maybe a draft pick along with Thomas. Pretty much what many here is anticipating.
  2. matt11390

    Let Bush Walk and Draft Giovani Bernard

    Bush is a FA obviously and will want good money. Miami could save some dough by letting him go his own way and draft UNC's Bernard who declared today. He is extremely versatile and a big time playmaker. I watched his games this year. He comes from a spread offense. He returned punts, ran over...
  3. number1fin

    Reggie Bush slams Buffalo women

  4. FinsFanforlife1

    Thomas....Bush....What are you thinking Sherman???

    We all know Bush is best in space and is not the best at pass protection. Sherman needs to understand this and put Bush split out in a slot on the left, Bess in a slot on the right, and Hartline and Gaffney outside on their respected sides. Put Thomas back next to Tannehill. You can throw...
  5. number1fin

    Get Reggie Bush healthy by....

    sitting him this week. It'll give him three weeks to rest up and hopefully be back 100% after the bye to make a playoff push. Plus, do we really need him to beat the Rams? I don't think we do! So, all in favor? Oh btw, congratulations to #22, he's going to be a father for the first time...
  6. V

    Reggie named offensive player of the week!!

    :lol2: Way to go reggie!!! Do it again this week.
  7. j-off-her-doll

    The Oakland Game, The Jets Game, and Where I See Miami

    First, I'm excited by the win. All Power Rankings (that I saw) rated Miami as one of the bottom 3 teams in the league. Many had us dead last. Well, the worst team in the NFL doesn't knock heads the way Miami did yesterday. Coaching is a big deal in this game, and as the year unfolds, we'll see...
  8. W

    If u thought Reggie was BU****ing....

    If u thought Reggie was BU$Hiting about trying to lead the league in rushing or ypc average of 5.0 watch out. Win or lose this guy will be productive regardless. W feels good and props to the line run blocking. Big props to the DC and defensive line with Randy Starks and P. Soliai setting...
  9. W

    I want to show Reggie Bush and Randy Starks some love....

    I want to show Reggie Bush and Randy Starks some love for real. I think most good poster have a good idea why we lost and what look good. Like Tannehill good throws and gets where to go but got rattled and struggled with release, passing lanes, accurate problems or defense covering TEs and...
  10. number1fin

    Would you trade Reggie Bush to Seahawks for two 2nd rounders?

    5 reasons why it makes $ense: •We're very deep at RB •He's a FA next year •We'll have to dish out some serious cash to retain his services due to the current market for tailbacks •Pete Carroll, who was his college coach at USC may want to reunite •Marshawn Lynch may be suspended...
  11. 5

    Offensive Strategy

    I love how our offense is going to play this year. On the outside, we will run Hartline, Naanee, and Gates on the outside. Big, Tall, Fast guys. Will make plays downfield, comebacks. They will be our BIG WRs. Hartline- think Jordy Nelson Gates- James Jones In the slot, Miller, Bess, Egnew...
  12. W

    Bush MVP of team, Thank Taylor...Miami 2012 Playoff Contenders!!!!!

    Reggie Bush got real good with more touches and he started doing the one cut and run hard at the line and I gotta say has been super impressive. He is only shaking and baking (in open field) when needed and still making defensive backs and LBs look dum. I love it and give him props on leadership...
  13. RocKStaR

    Beauty Of A Jersey

    Ohh Boy!!
  14. jhortondj2

    Reggie Bush MD

    Dedicated hard working Leader says...."this is my sanctuary"...then signs autographs..........Go "Dr Bush" :up: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=capress-fbn_dolphins_bush-7707925 I hope this nickname I have been using for him is the only nick he gets this year!
  15. 5

    Biggest pick up for the new season...

    I've been thinking, who will be the biggest difference maker of the new guys coming? (Including Odrick because he was hu
  16. dFinsRule

    Reggie Bush a match up guy

    Hoge is right on this one, a mismatch problem that will help other players on offense. Some surprising stats to say the least though :err: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/07/29/2335957/hoge-bush-is-a-matchup-guy-not.html
  17. matt11390

    Don't forget about Reggie Bush

    I know that Bush may ask for a lot of money like Bradshaw and Williams but for some reason I feel Bush is the guy that really excites Ross and perhaps the FO has a ceiling on compensation for Bradshaw/Williams seeing if they can sign one of those guys first. Bush may be the next guy Miami goes...
  18. matt11390

    Orton and Bush

    Kyle Orton and Reggie Bush would be an exciting upgrade and boost to the offense. Truthfully Orton doesn't get me jumping but he seems to be the perfect fit for a Sporano team ... great manager of the game. His #'s are good considering TD to INT ratio. Bradshaw and D. Williams seems to be...
  19. W

    3 back system

    I feel we will have to use 3 backs in this offense, with reports of Bush or the interest for a scat back like a Sproles/D. Williams we are going to probably use 3 backs. If we sign either Bush / Sproles, they will fill in third down back/scatback/returner. Now going by Miami's last couple years...
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