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  1. number1fin

    Texans' Lamar Miller happy for Dolphins and Jay Ajayi's success

    From James Walker: http://www.espn.com/blog/miami-dolphins/post/_/id/24966/texans-lamar-miller-happy-for-dolphins-and-jay-ajayis-success
  2. N

    If Denver loses, we're in the playoffs. Rest Jay Ajayi?

    Near the end of the game, Jay Ajayi injured his shoulder. Even though we were just positioning for a field goal, we sent Jay Ajayi back out there again, and he badly injured that same shoulder again. If Denver loses tonight, we're in the playoffs. If we have a playoff spot locked up...
  3. Quadfather

    Is it too early for a 2016 NFL draft, Re-draft? Next year?

    How many teams are kicking themselves right now for not taking Laremy Tunsil before the dolphins took him at 13th overall? In a redraft you would have to put him at 2nd overall right? I put him at 2nd because Carson Wentz has done so well, I just don't see a Left tackle taken over a franchise...
  4. N

    If Jay Ajayi gets hurt, our RB situation is a mess.

    Jay Ajayi is our only everydown, bellcow RB who can carry the load, and consistently run between the tackles with power. Our other running backs are complementary pieces, at best. Damien Williams, Kenyan Drake, Daniel Thomas, Isaiah Pead. This is why the Kenyan Drake draft pick bothered me so...
  5. T

    Ryan Tannehill expects new coach Adam Gase to give his running backs entire series.

    Ryan Tannehill expects new coach Adam Gase to give his running backs entire series. "That'll be good for Jay," Tannehill said of hyped second-year pro Jay Ajayi. The Dolphins' old staff made a habit of getting too cute in the backfield, shuttling Lamar Miller off the field far too often. Ajayi...
  6. N

    Need to run Jay Ajayi more

    2nd week in a row where Jay Ajayi averaged 8+ yds/carry, running with power & violence. But we only give it to him 5-6 times a game. If we had more Jay Ajayi runs, it could reduce the pass rush that's breaking Tannehill's back.
  7. N

    Jay Ajayi vs Jonas Gray. Who to keep on the 53-man roster?

    Jay Ajayi is currently on the I.R./return list, which means he's ineligible for the first eight games of the season. So 3 more games without him, and then we'll have to make a decision. Assuming no injuries, what should we do? a) Carry four RBs on the 53 (Lamar Miller, Jonas Gray...
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