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  1. NRA

    ANYONE thought about this angle with manning?

    i know this wont be very popular, but, has ANYONE THOUGHT at all about the possability that the finz have NEVER had manning in their plans? before you hit the back button, think for a second. 1. everyone from fans to players to the finz brass themselves know that this is a HUGE off season...
  2. NRA

    Manning presser on now!!!

    just started now at 10:00 am Az time...................... espn
  3. Geforce

    NFL Combine Official Invite List

    It is always interesting to see who is going to perform and who doesn't.
  4. Fin_Frenzy_84

    fin_frenzy_84 new mock

    1st-RGIII QB 2nd-Mohamed Sanu WR 3rd-Kevin Zeitler OG 4th-Casey Hayward CB 5th-Bush trade 6th-Kyle Wilber OLB 7th-Joe Looney OG 7th-Winston Guy SS Resign Solai and Langford Sign Dashon Goldson FS and Demetrius Bell OT
  5. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Robert Griffin III

    Sorry if there already has been a thread but if he comes out this year, do you guys think he can be a good NFL QB?
  6. Fin_Frenzy_84

    1st Pick Dream Mock

    This mock draft is a real possibility as long as we can get the first pick... Coaching change- Bill Cowher Resign-Kendall Langford DE Free agents- Ben Grubbs OG John Carlson TE Draft- 1st pick trade down... Jk haha 1st-Andrew Luck QB Stanford 2nd-Andrew Datko OT Florida State...
  7. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 2012 Mock Draft and More

    Assuming we get 5 to 6 wins.... Offseason(Coaching Change) -Fire the Front Office -Go after Cowher/Gruden/Rob Ryan Resign- -Kendall Langford DE -Paul Soali NT Free Agency -Matt Flynn QB -Michael Griffin FS Draft Option A-(9th pick in the draft) Trade down to Mid 20's and get a second...
  8. NRA

    HEY HATERS!! the sparano sun glasses thing......

    first off, i want sparano GONE, i didnt want him as coach, i wanted rex ryan. i wanted him gone last year. but i keep seeing all these posts with guys poking fun at him about the sun glasses he wears, "who does he think he is, a movie star?"..." this isnt hollywood, you dont wear sun glasses at...
  9. Kdawg954

    Predict the Top 10 order from NFL's Top 100 of 2011 series

    This Sunday is the series finale, and we are down to the top 10. After seeing Aaron Rodgers go 11th on this list, it is kind of hard to call this a series that strictly uses results from 2011 to make decisions . . . they combine 2011, career achievements, reputation, position and more. Here...
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