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  1. BenchFiedler

    Nate Allen !!!

    I'm know some of us watch different versions of Dolphins games at the same time and probably same channel (CBS & NFL Network) but we can all agree that Nate Allen is MIA in Miami and nowhere to be found on the field. There was an article last month stating that he was always at the right place...
  2. BenchFiedler

    Biggest Issue on Defense - Slot corner (Bobby McCain)

    I just re-watched the game and the cardinals scored the last 2 TD's and the 2 pt conversion on who else... Bobby McCain. This guy is terrible in the slot and already cost us many many games. Why is he still a starter even over Lafayette Pitts? We have to upgrade that slot CB early in the draft...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Bills WR Were Open All Day

    I got this fom someone who reviews the game tape and this is what he wrote: A few observations: 1) There was only one play with nobody open in a place where Tyrod could have hit him. One. On the two plays where he threw the ball away he had a guy. The receivers were doing a good job. I...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Isa Abdul-Quddus made the biggest play of the Game!!!

    This was the biggest play of the game stopping Hunter on 3rd down who had a similar TD earlier beating Maxwell. One again, Maxwell was beat by a 3rd string WR and # 24 saved the Play and the game. I'm not sure if Maxwell was expecting Safety help over the top but looks like he was looking...
  5. BenchFiedler

    What's with the Hype with Vance Joseph???

    Why is Vance Joseph different than Kevin Coyle? He was the secondary coach for the bengals and 49ers. He doesn't have any experience as a Defensive Coordinator in the NFL. So what makes you believe he will be the best DC ever hired by the Dolphins? What is his playbook? Where did he learn the...
  6. utahphinsfan

    3 players to consider at #14

    1) Eli Harold UVa. Someone from Charlotesville will be ethically sound and smart. Frankly IMO, there aren't enough of those types in pro athletics. I understand he did quite well at the combine. He is listed as DE; could make the conversion to SLB? If not, rotate he & Dion at both. 2) Landon...
  7. BenchFiedler

    Dolphins Should Pair Michael Thomas with Louis Delmas at Safety

    I think we really have 2 SS playing in the secondary with Jones and Delmas... They play like LB's and they can hit hard.. We need that safety who will cover the TE and even WR's in a zone defense. I think Michael Thomas has better coverage skills than Jones and also Jones has been unimpressive...
  8. BenchFiedler

    Sherman getting all the Blame!!! What about KEVIN COYLE DC???

    We can blame Sherman all we want but how come Coyle is getting a free pass with his defense? I know that Sherman play calling is terrible and was terrible in the 2nd half of the NE England game. BUT..... But let's not forget that our run defense is also really mediocre at best right now. We...
  9. BenchFiedler

    Most Disturbing Moments in Dolphins - Bills Game

    * Thad Lewis looking like a veteran against Dolphins Defense. Bag game plan. Bill Belicheat and Rex Ryan would make him look like a rookie 3rd string QB like he is *Jimmy Wilson covering the Bills Best receiver at key moments like 3rd downs *Leaving Clabo 1 on 1 against Super Mario. *Putting...
  10. BenchFiedler

    3rd and 6 - 4th Quarter - 1.55 Min. to go - Jimmy Wilson Covering Reggie Wayne???

    I know we won and I'm happy we did... But how in the world did we even let Jimmy Wilson cover the Colts' best receiver on that 3rd and 6 which was the most important play of the game???? We all knew that Luck was going after the weakest link just like he went after Trusnik when Koa Misi was out...
  11. jimlerario


    The dolphins have no one special at the position clemons isn't going to cut it if we want to make the playoffs our secondary is mediocare compared to other teams thoughts?
  12. Kdawg954

    Fool's Gold? A list of the QB's we will have faced this season and Playoff Chances

    Tom Brady twice Mark Sanchez twice Ryan Fitzpatrick twice Matt Schaub Carson Palmer Kevin Kolb Andy Dalton Sam Bradford Andrew Luck Jake Locker (or Matt Hasselback) Russell Wilson Blaine Gabbert Alex Smith (or Colin Kaepernick) Outside of Brady twice and Matt Schaub . . . is there another QB...
  13. BenchFiedler

    Pass Defense???

    This is ridiculous, I mean ridiculous to say that the pass defense is terrible... How many completions the secondary allowed throughout 3 games? We had good to great coverage most of the game and Williams, Winslow didn't do much last night. I see we have a defense who lacks discipline up...
  14. Heinegrabber


    Has their been a VD sighting. I have not heard his name in camp reports. :d-day:
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