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Greatest single MIA plays

I'm one of the younger guys, but I can tell you there have been more than a few plays that have stuck with me.

It's still new, but I don't think I'm going to forget Feeley's pass to Thompson to beat the Patriots this year. It was surreal - actually, the last three minutes were. But when Thompson went up, he was covered. When he came down, I didn't know for sure if he had caught it or not. It was the longest second of my life.

The fake spike in 1993 was probably my first real memory of the Dolphins. I just remember being fooled as horribly as the Jets players, and immediately wondering something like "Wait, can he do that?"

Lamar Smith rumbling to the endzone against the Colts. Smith ran all over them that day.

Mare's 53 yarder in 2002 was pretty memorable. We had 50 seconds to go 40 yards, and Fiedler improbably did it - with the help of Dedric Ward, no less. I remember hoping Elam would miss, but I knew he wouldn't. Not the most accurate, but his power was pretty well known then. I also knew Mare would make the kick with 11 seconds left. I still didn't get to bed for a few hours after that.
My all time favorites have already been mentioned, so here are some other cool plays I remember:

One of Zach's first seasons, phins were playing Pittsburg. Bettis is coming around the end, and Zach put him down hard, and it looked painful (for Bettis). Then Zach got up and did his version of Bettis's old run-dance thing he used to do. It was really funny.

The Tony Bua hit on that Welker return vs the Rams was pretty cool.

Marino vs Manning, a few years ago. 4th quarter. Marino gets his as he is throwing, and it is called a fumble, but then overturned. It gets to be 4th and 5, and they are in hurry up. He looks over at OG, and gives him nod, then snaps the ball. They do a little fake like it's a 5 yd hook route, and the CB is blitzing, so OG keeps going and Dan puts it up....they connect for about 40yds. Then, its the good old fade route to the corner of the endzone with another awesome OG catch. (I've watched the end of that game a bunch of times)

I also enjoyed watching Brady get sacked and throw the ball up almost straight up into the air for the int last season.
Phinadict said:
I remember an interception by Buckley against the Bills as they were moving in to tie the game at 21. Buckley ran the ball back for a touchdown and the win. Great play.

I also liked the run Lamar Smith had against the Colts. I was jumping up and down durring every step he took on his way to the endzone.


Don't watch Justa it will only hurt. :lol:

While it may not have been one of the greatest plays in Fins history, it was great in the fact that this was Jimmy's first year and the Fins were a bunch of rookies along with the fact that they had Craig Ericson at QB because Dan was injured. The Fins were not given a chance to beat the mighty Bills in Buffalo. To top it off the Fins completed the season sweep later that year.

To bad they missed out on the playoffs and the victories were hollow.

Goes to show it doesn't matter how good the teams are in the AFC East, a win is never a given.

This isn't my favorite play but it's one of my favorite hits of all-time. It was back in the late 70's on a kickoff return against the Bears. Chicago's return man jumped up in the air as a Dolphin cornerback (can't remember who) was coming towards him and as he jumped the fin caught him around the legs near the knees. The Bear player's upper body went forward over the dolphin's shoulder and then the fin just slammed him violently backward right onto his back on the turf. You had to see it.
Least favorite: Sammie Smith's two goaline fumbles, the way he was booed out of the stadium I remember like it was last Sunday. Sad really, it was the beginning of the end for Smith....
The AJ Feeley pass to Thompson that just straight up whored Troy Brown to win on MNF! It was especially sweet because I watched it with a bunch of Pats fans!!!
First game of 94 season against the Pats. First game back for Marino after his achilles injury. 4th Quarter, time winding down, Dolphins down 4, 4th and 5 from around the 40 and Marino throws a freakin bomb to Irving Fryar to win the game. A bomb on 4th and 5. Pretty much sums up why i loved Marino so much. Aggressive and ballsy.
As far as long term effects the Fake Spike game completely demoralized the Jets and they could not get back on the winning track for the rest of the season and a good part of the fiollowing season when Marino again spanked Boomer and the Jets in the season opener.

In an interview Boomer said he had nighmares about the play.
Bua's hit against the Rams was pretty special and Chambers one handed grab against the Texans was awesome.

Just a couple of modern day ones to throw into the hat.
DolphinDevil28 said:
By far and away the Marino fake spike against the Jets.

I'm willing to bet that gets the majority of votes from others as well.

Ageed...100%...not only was it another magical Marino play but it came against the Jests...the only way it could have been better was to have been a playoff game...
I think it was 1982 AFC Championship against the JETS AJ Duhae had a monster game 3 picks 2 for TD'S. Marino's 1 yard bootleg against Clevland on his birthday during Monday Night Football.
One of my favorite plays was against the Ravens 3 seasons ago. Had the ball on like the 4 yard line, and the hand off to Ricky. I think it was Ray Lewis or Ed Reed thought they had Ricky dead to rights in the backfield, and Ricky made a lightning fast spin move, and walked into the endzone. Great run, great play. I hate Ricky now though.
Other moments ...

Fiedlers last minute TD run against Oak.

Hardest Hit ...

Bua knocking down 2 Rams on Welkers return.
one that sticks to my mind was a game back in '86-87 maybe even 88 when Marino did a flea flicker to duper against the rams and we won that game in ot. also in that game offerdahl slammed e dickerson mid air to prevent a td on the goal line, (what a collision)
1985 Monday night against the Bears. Marino throwing to Duper (I think) to preserve the Dolphins "undefeated season" and give the Bears their only blemish on a great season.
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