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May 21, 2005
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Los Angeles and Miami
i want to know what you guys think makes a hardcore fin fan. i think you have to do or know these 5 things.

1. know about the team and its history
2. watch all the games unless you have SUPER good exuse.
3. have seen them live
4. know the miami dolphins fight song.
5. and the most important of them all......

last year seperated the hardcores from the fair weathers in my opinion, anyone who stuck around last season, is well on there way imo
claytonAndDuper said:
last year seperated the hardcores from the fair weathers in my opinion, anyone who stuck around last season, is well on there way imo

That's exactly how I feel.
I guess that means i kinda went to "the dark side" last year:(
im there every game no matter what. even if we are getting are butts kicked. it hurts watching but you have to be there for them. we are part of the team too. without the fans there is no team. support them 100%
im going to make sure every monday i have completely lost my voice... from this point on, every fins home game, for the rest of my life
i guess u could say ima harcore fan. im always there for my team. got in a fist fight at the jets game last year with a loudmouth jets fan. HARDCORE!!!
Hey, just because some of us can't see every game doesn't mean we're not hardcore. I'm 17 and live in a small town in Pennsylvania. The dolphins aren't normally on TV, and i don't have a dish. but trust me, i live on nfl.com's live coverage.
I can never imagine myself missing a Dolphins game, however I live in Jersey and never been to a Dolphins game. I kind of like watching it on T.V. because you always know whats happening and have a clear view every play. And I don't really pay much attention to history because it's over.
Is there an in between? I'm a Dolphins fan to the core and have been for over 30 years. But I don't meet some of your conditions.

1. Live games are impossible for me to see--simply too expensive to fly half-way around the world.
2. I try to watch games when I can, but I only get a couple Fins games a year out here and some are broadcast at 2am on a Monday morning or during work hours.
3. I have the heart and rooted for them last year even though I knew it was a disastrous feeling...I wore my Fins jacket to every football event there was--even if the Fins weren't on the broadcast.
4. While I can't recite the history from memory, I've followed it and remember much of the good times.
5. And yes, I was upset when the Houston Oilers stole our song in the late 70's--no matter how corny the song is. (There's some history for you)

I'm a CORE fan, but perhaps not hard core. I wouldn't get into a fight over the Fins--it's just a game ya know.
how about:
1)being optomistic even after last year.
2)watching games every chance I can
3)living in western ny and going to Bills/Dolphins games and walking through $h*t talking Jills fans.
there are no guidlines, you know if you are a hardcore fan or not, ask yourself, on sundays in the fall, in any way shape or form, do you live and die with the dolphins...
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