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Since Week 6 Tua Leads all QBs in 4th Quarter Passing Yards


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Aug 21, 2012
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I ran across this in the Miami Dolphins sub on reddit. Would not have guessed this, impressive for a guy having barely played in a single season's worth of NFL games.

No doubt situations can dictate these types of stats, but he still has to perform to achieve this.
What the hell, I’ll take a shot at one of these idiotic arguments.

Yeah, but if Tua was doing his job in the first 3 quarters Miami would be up by 40 points and wouldn’t have to throw for all those yards.

The real sign of a great QB is how few yards they throw in the 4th quarter, not how many yards.
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Someone say my name?

Tua has not been the only one hurt. See Prescott, Murray, Wilson, Winston etc.
Russell has had a hard time getting back and Tua is improving on his game
Be careful. There are a few posters on here who don’t want anything posted that shows Tua is actually a very good NFL QB. It just doesn’t fit their agenda.

Here's hoping it gets to be rough going for them in the coming weeks and months. In which case, they will come around!
Even Lamar Jackson got irritable bowel syndrome after the ameoba was thru with him
No joke, but as someone who suffers from IBS/IBD and remembering his trot to the potty last year. I'm inclined to think lamar may have something like this. It carries a feeling/stigma of embarrassment with it, so it may not be why it is made public.
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