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  1. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Letting go of Tua=Drew Brees curse?

    I almost feel like we are being tested again but this time with Tua. The qb comp he received from alot of people was drew Brees. Its just fitting that Saban and the dolphins were involved with both of these guys but this time we are being given a second chance to see if we've learned from the...
  2. S

    Tua, Tannehill, Rosen

    It's sad to me that we see a lot of young QB's come through here and we seem to revel in setting up some of the worst possible circumstances to try to develop a young QB. And we seem to be repeating the same things to a T that haven't worked for us previously. One of the league's worst...
  3. T

    Media reaction to Tua's performance

  4. DolfanDaveInMI

    Tua's development

    Still waiting for it.
  5. Pompy

    Is Tua a Franchise Quarterback (video) per Billy Stephens

    Here is a video critique of Tua's Rookie Season.
  6. DolfanDaveInMI

    ESPN proposed Dolphins trade for Russell Wilson

    ESPN's Bill Barnwell has an article outlining potential trade packages for Russell Wilson from four teams, including Miami. For Miami, we would acquire Wilson in exchange for Tua, picks #18 and #81 this year, and next year's first. If you're in Chris Grier's shoes, are you taking the deal?
  7. VBCheeseGrater

    A Bedtime Story From Rich Eisen

    No amazing insights here, essentially just ear candy on a Monday after a (4th straight) win and frankly I enjoyed every minute of it.
  8. Dan13Forever

    Insight to Tua first game.

    Not a fan of Shannon. However he played for CG. And he gave an insight on how he approached Tua first game. For you all already proclaimed Tua is a bust, wait and see.
  9. Stoobz

    What Will Miami's 1st Offensive Pass Play Be?

    The permutations are infinite. I wanted to include running plays but kept it to a simplistic choice of pass plays. Enjoy!
  10. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    #1 makes his 1st start on 11/1

    Just a coincidence or is something special happening?
  11. B

    Should SNF flex to Tua's debut?

    The scheduled game for week 8 is the Cowboys vs Eagles. Terrible game that should be flexed. Tua is so popular with the average/casual fan, it would get way more viewers than this scheduled game. Would you want the SNF game for his debut?
  12. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Player Reactions to Tua?

    I've been at work most the day and haven't been able to see much of the reactions to Miami naming Tua the starter. Has anybody seen any fins players or any players in the league react about Miami starting Tua?
  13. xxAQUA JOSHUAxx

    Video: Tua week 1 highlights vs Patriots

    Wow look at the way he moves around that sideline, his hip looks good. Is ready at a moment's notice jumping off the bench with Fitzpatrick and has his helmet on. I'm excited guys! Hes ready!!!!
  14. rent this space

    ***The Official Start Tua Week 1 Thread***

  15. anthonyyero

    Why Tua Tagovailoa Should Start From Week 1‬

    The most common debate being discussed by Miami Dolphins fans right now is whether or not Tua Tagovailoa should start in week one. I’ve broken down why Tagovailoa should start in week one. https://www.305sports.net/why-tua-tagovailoa-should-start-from-week-1/‬
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