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  1. utahphinsfan

    Max Kellerman (bspn) is a clown

    One of the TV's here at work was on. MK listed his top 5 AFC teams as of now. I have no qualms w/ the top 2. The rest of the list (esp #3) should IMO line the cage of a very large bird. Chiefs Bengals Chargers jest Jaguars p.s. Max has been covering a boxing to close if you smell what...
  2. number1fin

    Do the Miami Dolphins have the worst QB situation in the entire NFL?
  3. number1fin

    ESPN First Take discusses Josh Freeman signing

  4. number1fin

    ESPN talking heads react to Ndamukong Suh's contact
  5. number1fin

    E:60 Ndamukong Suh
  6. TealAttack13

    Greg Jennings on ESPN this morning: Talks about impending Free Agency

    Greg Jennings was on ESPN this morning; Here is the gist of what he said (sorry if I forgot anything, I was trying to jot all of this down while listening): He said that he isn't necessarily done as a Packer (but he sold his house and he isn't going to say right now that he's leaving anyway)...
  7. 5


    Tannehill Total QBR isnt listed for this week.. Went looking to see what it was, wierd.
  8. number1fin

    Joe Philbin to be on ESPN Mike and Mike in the morning

    Interview to air @7:45 am ET
  9. Free

    ESPN still hating

    Been listening to ESPN Radio for most of the morning and they've been avoiding Hard Knocks. Hardly talking about it. The spent hours talking about Rex dropping F bombs when the Jets were the featured team but now that it's the Dolphins it's a nonstory.
  10. number1fin

    Jason Taylor's 5 best young pass rushers in the NFL

    Now a ESPN analyst, Dolphin great Jason Taylor list his 5 best young defensive pass rushers with 5 years or less experience in the NFL. It goes as follows, and in no particular order: 1. Cameron Wake - Miami Dolphins 2. Jason Pierre Paul - New York Giants 3. Von Miller - Denver Broncos...
  11. number1fin

    James Walker (ESPN) thinks Miami has a QB controversy Funny thing is he later contradicts himself by stating the QB's aren't sniping at each other and it hasn't divided the locker. Where do they find these guys??? Amongst other things he thinks the defense is overrated...
  12. phinasota

    ESPN Bias

    is blatenly clear. I cant even fathom why this piece of **** network plays the only negative videos of a player coming out of college when WE make our selection. These guys are ****ing pathetic and I hate that I even have to tune into the station just to watch the draft... Is there any other...
  13. number1fin

    Bill Polian and ESPN suck! I never liked the Bills of the 90's, and I don't care if the guy was a great GM! And frankly, I don't watch the Disney network! So to **** they can both go! But what I wanna know is when did this...
  14. D

    Post-Lockout Grade According to ESPN

    ESPN just posted a article with all grades for teams post-lockout. It is on ESPN insider so I know some may not be able to read it. Here is what Matt Williamson from Scouts Inc. said about the Fins. Miami Dolphins Key additions: Reggie Bush, Kevin Burnett, Matt Moore, Tony McDaniel...
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